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General Information

  • The Corporate Card Cycle is the 21st – 20th of each month IE: The March lasts from February 21st—March 20th
    • NOTE: The June cycle lasts from May 21st—June 30th
    • NOTE: The July cyle lasts from July 1st—July 20th
  • The Reallocation Period ends at 11:00pm on the 25th of each month.
  • Statements are due on the last business day of the month.
  • Encumbrances must be in the proper format IE: PO = V17XXXXX, SPO= E17XXXXX
  • Your account code of your default FOAPAL has been left blank in the CEO Portal. This will require you to review and reallocate your transactions each month.
  • When activating your card, you create a PIN number. This pin is NOT to be used at an ATM.
  • You have the option to opt into text or email alerts from Wells Fargo.
  • Below is a comprehensive list of the allowable services on the Corporate Card, and related encumbrances.

Forms and Procedures

Cardholder Forms

  • Departmental Card Use Log
    • A log that is kept to track the following information and is submitted with each Departmental Corporate Card monthly statement.
  • Ricoh Credit Card Authorization Form
    • This Credit Card Authorization Form is used to sign up for automatic monthly payments via Corporate Card. Ricoh is the mandatory award vendor for copier leases; our agreement includes mandatory automatic payments for the monthly administrative fee and copy charges.  The monthly base rent is paid through AP.
  • Cardholder Violation
    • Used to notify a Cardholder of a violation of Corporate Card policies. This form is signed by the Authorized Signer and the Cardholder and included with the monthly statement.

Corporate Card Procedures

  • Statement Download
    • These instructions are for downloading your Wells Fargo Corporate Card Statements. Corporate Card Statements are due to Accounting Services [email protected] by the last business day of the month.
  • Split-Transactions Statement Download
    • These instructions walk cardholders and/or reallocators through how to properly document split transactions on their monthly statements.
  • Viewing Corporate Card Documents
    • These instructions walk departments through viewing Corporate Card statements in Banner Finance.
  • Reallocation Process
    • These instructions are for reallocating your Wells Fargo Corporate Card transactions. Corporate Card reallocations are due by 11:00pm, five calendar days after the close of the cycle. Transactions may be reallocated at any time throughout the cycle, and up until the last day of the grace period.
  • Disputing a Transaction
    • These instructions are for dealing with transactions that are not recognized. Cardholders and reallocators have 60 days from the posting date to dispute a transaction.
  • Corporate Card Benefits
    • This Corporate Card Guide to Benefits describes the valuable programs available to you as a cardholder.