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Opportunity. Excellence. Innovation.

Now, more than ever, students must participate in their communities as well as their professions. By participating in our Service Learning course (Community-based Learning through Service), you will have the opportunity to serve in your community while gaining real-world experiences, career insights, and meaningful opportunities for personal and professional development.

Engaging in service learning demonstrates initiative and a strong commitment to upholding your personal values. Students learn to improve their problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and decision-making skills based on these values.

Students learn to engage in collaborative work with multiple stakeholders, contributing a diverse set of skills and talents to develop creative solutions to complex problems.

Service learning students strengthen their critical thinking and problem solving skills to make informed decisions in the real world. This means students learn to use all aspects of critical thinking such as analyzing course content, leveraging personal observations and reflections, and communicating with multiple project stakeholders to get things done.

CPD 290F Community-based Learning through Serving.

Develop your role in your community and apply your learning to your academic and professional career.

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