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Majors and Minors

The Department of Communication Studies offers Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies.  Students may choose an emphasis in Organizational Communication, Rhetoric, Ethics & Social Justice, Strategic Relationship Maintenance and Generalist Communication.  Students can also Minor in Communication Studies.

Career options in the field of communication

The study of communication is a rapidly growing discipline within colleges and universities across the United States.  Communication is a skill that is in high demand and the Comm Studies Department can help you achieve the communication skills necessary to succeed in today‚Äôs competitive job market.  Below is a list of some of the career opportunities available to students with a degree in communication.  Some careers may require additional schooling.

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  • Advertising or marketing specialist
  • Creative Director
  • Media Planner
  • Media Sales Representative
  • Social Networking Specialist

Business and Nonprofit

  • Manager or Executive Director
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Community Organizer
  • Technical Writer
  • Diversity Trainer

Communication and Healthcare

  • Medical Grants Writer
  • Healthcare Administrator
  • Health Personnel Educator
  • Healthcare Councelor

Media Related Occupations

  • TV or Radio Performer/Announcer
  • News and Community Relations Manager
  • Writer


  • Campaign Director
  • Legislative Assistant
  • Elected Official
  • Speech Writer
  • Lobbyist

International Relations and Negotiations

  • Non-governmental Organization Representative
  • Translator
  • Diplomat/Foreign Service
  • Student Tour Coordinator


  • Legal Secretary
  • Mediation and Negotiation Specialist
  • Attorney
  • Legal Researcher

Social and Human Services

  • Community Affairs Liaison 
  • Social Worker
  • Regligious Leader
  • Public Administrator 

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