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Strategic Relationship Maintenance

AKA: Interpersonal Communication

Students in the Strategic Relationship Maintenance concentration study interpersonal dynamics and how communication constitutes relationships.  Relationships form the core of human experience and understanding how to successfully develop and maintain them is a critical life skill. All careers require the ability to listen and communicate effectively and in this concentration communication studies majors will explore how messages, meanings, and media work together in oral, written, and non-verbal contexts to refine their ability to assess the relationship and their own part in it.

Career Opportunities

Here were the industries that employed the highest percentages of communications majors in 2011, according to a Georgetown's Center for Education and the Workforce (CEW) report:

  • Information services: 14%
  • Professional and business services: 13%
  • Education: 10%
  • Retail: 9%
  • Financial services: 9%
  • Health services: 8%

For communications graduates who specialized in the "soft skills" of interpersonal awareness and emotional literacy, a career as ahuman resource manager could be the sleeper hit career of the year.

Colorado ranked fifth in the list for median salaery, well above the national median of $60,800 in 2013:
   1. Washington: $78,920
   2. Delaware: $78,470
   3. California: $77,420
   4. New Jersey: $75,720
   5. Colorado: $75,180

Areas you might study

Family interaction
Conflict and power
Computer-mediated communication
Understanding culture
Skills building
Perceiving a situation
Gender and sexual orientation
The dark side of relationships

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