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Featured Alumni

CAS Alumni sharing both the MSU Denver experience, and how that has shaped who they are today in their life and in their career.


Communication Studies

Stuart Kemmer

"My education at Metro has helped make so many things possible in my life."

Stuart Kemmer

MSU Denver Class of '09, B.A. in Speech Communication. Communication Theory.

Analyst, Training & Product Development Specialist at HUMANeX Ventures

"During my first visit to campus I knew Metro was where I wanted to be, but I had no idea how much it would affect my life. I was a Student-Athlete from day one through graduation, but the school, the Communication Arts and Sciences Department, and its outstanding faculty helped shape me in innumerable ways. I credit a lot of who I am now, how I view life and the world, and even in how I continue to develop as a person and professional to this.

My concentration was Communication Theory, which has no concept that evades my everyday life. My career is with a company that provides services to help professionals identify, realize, and then utilize their innate talent sets— maximizing performance and fit in their roles; we also specialize in developing top performing and world-class cultures. Alternatively, we support and equip high school and college aged people to understand themselves better and to set their own paths according to their strengths. The core of everything I do revolves around people and different forms of Communication Theory. I love my role and the difference that it makes in others’ lives. All of which was made possible through my experiences and education gained at MSU Denver.

What made this all truly come to life for me was how I received my education. I had been to a few other universities before Metro, and nowhere compared to the compassion, desire to support and develop their students, and availability that I received from my professors. I was a student that required a lot of 1-on-1 time, which was met with understanding, availability, openness, and positivity. My professors believed in me, even when I didn’t. They also took the time to get to know me as a person, allowing them to constantly and healthily stretch my limits.

My favorite part about studying Communication Arts and Sciences were the countless “ah hah” moments that I had in learning the theory behind human interactions and tendencies—it was fascinating and beyond impactful personally and professionally. That said, I would recommend the school, the Communication Arts and Sciences department, and its professors to anyone; especially those who are looking for an enriching, thought provoking, and individualistic education and experience.  ?

My education at Metro has helped make so many things possible in my life. Right after graduating I was able to get into one of the top 5 graduate programs in the world for Sport Administration. I felt more than prepared from day one in graduate school, and I was even one of the top performing students throughout the program. Now, I am having success in a career that I love. All of which I mainly attribute to MSU Denver, the Communication Arts and Sciences Department, and their amazing faculty!"

Lisa Clark

“Making a difference to a student’s life”

Lisa Clark

MSU Denver Class of ‘13, B.A. in Speech Communication. Organizational Communication. 

Graduate Student Career Advisor at Colorado School of Mines

“I am the Graduate Student Career Advisor at Colorado School of Mines working with all the Graduate School programs and Masters and PhD candidates. I started as a Career Advisor in 2002 while taking courses at MSU in Speech Communication where I chose to focus much of my research in Career Development Related Topics as it applies to effective communication. I am so proud of my education and degree from MSU Denver. I truly believe that our Communication Arts and Science department has the best faculty and curriculum for students interested in communication! I use theoretical and applied knowledge from my communication degree every day. From using concepts in Interpersonal Communication when I work with students, to understanding Organizational Communication theories on systems and how it applies to communicating with various departments of a large corporation, I was very well prepared to apply these concepts and why they are so important! Additionally, the CAS coursework focusing on Leadership, and Team and Group Communication became an asset for me to help coach student organizations! In addition to my career, my CAS faculty were instrumental in providing me with skills needed to prepare me for graduate school. When I started my graduate school coursework, I was able to hit the ground running in my first research project thanks to my awesome CAS professor who taught Research Methodologies. I am very proud to have been mentored by such wonderful faculty within the CAS department!!

I am absolutely thrilled to be in my chosen career field! Every day I come to work I look forward to making a difference to a student’s life by helping guide them through the Career Development process. Each day is different and I wear a LOT of different hats and many parts of my job depend on the ability to effectively communicate to different audiences and their needs.”

Vadim Epelbaum

"This concentration opens up a vast number of opportunities."

Vadim Epelbaum

MSU Denver Class of ’13.  B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Speech Communication.

Director of Business Development, Locksmith

"Although a degree in communications may seem rather ambiguous when considering the job market, I have found this concentration opens up a vast number of opportunities. Students seldom realize that the greatest portion of their university career is not about what they learned, but rather about the experience they acquired by learning it.

Employers will not test you on your knowledge of Plato and Aristotle. They will not ask you to write an essay on their theory of choice. However, they do want to see that you are capable of learning the information and using it to complete the necessary work. As such a degree in communications grants a level of versatility that few others can.

In today's world communication is imperative. Look at the job listings on any job board, and you will quickly realize that virtually every single one alludes to, or emphasizes the need for communication skills. Communication is not only an art, it is also a science. It grants insight not only into how to get a point across, but also why people communicate the way they do. This enables you clearly articulate and capture your audience; whether it is millions of television viewers or an individual sitting in front of you.

Prior to going back to school, I worked as a locksmith technician for a local security company. Upon graduating from Metro, I was able to return to this company, but this time as the Director of Business Development. I was able to use the skills I acquired from my communications classes to produce proposals for new strategies; create engaging presentations; and deliver them to audiences of all demographics. Moreover, I was able to create relationships which have opened markets and opportunities that my company had not even considered in their 65 years in business.

I cannot write this without emphasizing the amazing people within the Communication department. The professors bring to the table a level of care that I have seldom seen anywhere else. They engage and challenge their students, from the brightest to the lackadaisical. It is fascinating to see someone who came to the class "just to take an elective" become enthralled in discussion and material. The staff also go out of their way to help and guide students to avoid pitfalls and to navigate the system.

In all, MSU Denver's Communication Arts and Sciences department is comprised of fantastic people, provides an amazing experience, and if you allow it will provide you with an entirely new perspective on the world."

... Why are you still sitting? Go check it out :)

Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences

Lesley Lange, MA, CCC-SLP, CBIS.


Lesley Lange, MA, CCC-SLP, CBIS gave us the opportunity to ask her some questions about her experience at MSU Denver and how it's helped shape her career.

What was the most valuable experience you had at MSU Denver or the CAS program?

I returned to college as an older student having completed my first degree 20 years earlier. MSU Denver provided the perfect balance of individualized support coupled with high academic expectations to allow me to succeed. After I graduated from MSU Denver, I completed my Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Colorado, Boulder. My undergraduate training at MSU Denver, prepared me exceptionally well for the rigor of graduate school, and provided a solid foundation in the both the skills needed to continue my training as a Speech Language Pathologist, as well as the overlapping Audiology basics that support my work. My professors at MSU Denver, were not only expert in their fields, but highly vested in imparting that knowledge to their students, I know that the students from the Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences program were all well prepared for graduate school and beyond. 

Where are you at currently in your career?

"I am the lead Speech Language Pathologist at O.T. Plus, Inc., where I specialize in working with clients, in home, clinic or community settings, who have experienced brain injuries of varying severity. In addition to targeting language and speech deficits, I assist clients with cognitive aspects of communication including attention, memory, problem-solving, and executive functions. I have continued to pursue additional training and certifications, including  LSVT LOUD™, (Lee Silverman, Voice Treatment) a research-based exercise approach designed to assist people with Parkinson's disease and other neurologic disorders, and the Certified Brain Injury Specialist (CBIS) certification through the Brain Injury Association of America. I presented at the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado's Conference last year, describing my work with customized strategy provision to support deficits in endurance, attention, language, literacy, memory, processing, and executive function after Mild Traumatic Brain Injury. 
I am currently pursuing additional certifications in Literacy assessment and treatment, and am excited to be in the process of opening a private practice specializing in interventions for students with dyslexia and related language learning disabilities. I anticipate continuing to work in the adult setting part-time, and know that many of the compensatory strategies I provide my current adult clients with attentional and organizational challenges will overlap with students who experience
these challenges in school or college settings." 
She is also in the process of opening WordsWorth Space-Language Pathology, a private practice.

If there was one thing you could tell future students of the program, what would it be?

"It has been wonderful over the past year to host MSU Denver's SLHS students for observations and facilitate their learning and experience. I think students from MSU Denver tend to underestimate the quality of their programs. My graduate school class was drawn from some very highly regarded universities from all over the country, and frequently these students from schools like Vanderbilt and Northwestern, would comment on the depth and clarity of the MSU Denver student's training and especially the retention of the knowledge the school's professors so expertly instructed."

Laura Smith, MA, CCC-SLP

??Laura Smith, MA, CCC-SLP
 graduated from the SLHS program with her bachelor's degree in 2003. She worked as a speech-language pathology assistant for two years post-graduation before getting her master's degree in speech-language pathology. Laura credits MSU Denver and its strong SLHS department for preparing her for graduate level coursework, and ultimately a satisfying and rewarding career in the field of speech language pathology. Now CASANA recognized for Advanced Training & Clinical Expertise in Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS), Laura splits her time between the schools and private practice where she specializes in CAS.

Mandi Solat

Mandi Solat has owned Audiology Services in Lakewood since 2002.  She came to MSU Denver in 1993 and finished her SLHS leveling courses in 1994.  Mandi has a severe bilateral hearing loss and specializes in dispensing amplification.  She practices in the same medical office as an ear, nose, and throat physician, but she owns her own practice.  Every semester, Mandi welcomes MSU Denver students to her office so they can observe a private practice audiologist in a medical setting.




Where Communication Studies Graduates are Now

List of the organizations that have hired graduates from the MSU Denver Communication Studies program

 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z


Organization NameTitle


ABC News ABSAT Manager
ABC News Bureau Operations Producer
ABC-Freelance Broadcast Reporter
Abovecom Account Manager
Adams County Department of Social Services  
Adams County Sheriff's Department 911 Dispatcher
Air Wisconsin Airlines Flight Attnd
Alexanders Home Health Nurse
Alliance Auto Brokers President
Alpha Sleep Admin. Asst
Altitude Sports & Entertainment Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Altitude Sports & Entertainment Traffic Coordinator
American Airlines Communications Engineer
Amoco Corp dir issues management
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Sr. Account Manager
Anthony Roberts Seminar Facilitator
Apex Owner
Arbonne International/QTS Communications Business Owner
ARC of Denver, Inc. Truck Driver
Aron & Hennig Law Ofc. Mgr.
Arvada Center Tchr.
Arvada Police Department Police Sergeant
Arvada Presbyterian Church Dir youth ministries
Asian Pacific Development Center Youth Prog Coordinator
Auraria Higher Ed Center Senior Customer Representative
Aurora Loan Services Broker
Aurora Public Schools Teacher
Badban Association Show Mgr
Bainbridge Church  
Bank of America Asst. VP
Bank of England Mortgage Banker
Bank of Hawaii Banker
Barbara Jordan PCS Teacher
Barbara's New Beginnings Retail Assoc.
Baxter Health Care Corporation Senior Field Service Tech
Bethany Early Childhood Center Teacher
Better Business Bureau Vice President of Sales
Bishop Elementary School 5th Grade Teacher
Bismarck Phillips Account Executive Freelancer
Blair Image Consulting Image Consultant
Blublak Productions & Management Owner-Black Arts Promotion & Events Coord
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Colorado Natl acct rep
Bonfils Blood Center Recruiter
Boone's Tavern  
Boston Market Corporation Virtual Agent
Boulder Community Hospital Admissions Lead Rep.
Boulder Community Hospital Medical Assistant
Braintree Hospital Director
Brentwood Union School District Computer Tech.
Brighton Elementary School 5th Grade Tchr.
Brisen Photography Professional Photographer
Broker Knowledge Group Pres./CEO
Buker Willis & Ratler Architecture
Cable Center  
California Casualty Ins. Agt.
Canadian Jewish News Graphic Artist
Cardinal Stritch University Sports Info. Graduate Assistant
CardTronics Quality Analyst
Carl Clinic  
Carpet Max Sales Assoc
Case Logic Inc. Homemaker; Proj. Mgr.
Castle Rock Nursery President
CEC Middle College of Denver Teacher
Celebration Nation Angel Minister
Central Bank Account Rep
Central High School Speech Tchr.
Charles Schwab Financial Consultant
Charles Schwab Managing Director Operational Risk Management
Cherry Creek Schools Tchr.
Cherry Creek Schools Teacher
Children's Hospital Colorado Aide
Children's Hospital Colorado Coding Spec.
Children's National Medical Center Pediatric Audiologist
Choice Screening Inc President
Church of The Nazarene Pastor
CHx Capital LLC  
Citicorp Diners Club, Inc. Supervisorr
Citigroup Collections Manager
City of Arvada police officer
City of Boulder Water Plant Chief
City of Brighton Police Ofcr
City of Lakewood TV Svcs Coord
City of Saint Cloud Marketing Coord
City of Thornton Communications Technician
City of Westminster Training Coord
Clear Channel Communications KRFX Assistant Program Director
Clear Channel Media & Entertainment Billing Coordinator
Clear Channel Radio Account Exec.
Cloud Nine Catering Owner
Club Med Hosting guests
Collection Owner
College for Financial Planning Graphics Spec
Color Business Banks Organizer, Founder & Bd. of Directors/Director
Colorado Christian University Faculty
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Field Laision
Colorado Institute of Reading and Writing Owner
Colorado International School Office Manager.
Colorado Rapids Soccer Account Exec
Colorado State University Food & Nutrition Svcs.
Colorado State University Graduate Teaching Assistant
Colorado Technical University Librarian
Colorado Uplift Teacher
Colorado Water Conservation Board Water Conservation Coordinator
Comcast TV Producer
Comcast TV Production
Communicare Recovery Center Couns. 1
Communication LLC CPC
Community College of Aurora Admissions Spec.
Community College of Aurora Owner-Non Profit/Colorado Gloves for Good
Community College of Denver Dir. At The Children's Clg.
Community Resources Inc. Proj. Mgr.
Concentra Urgent Care Center Operations Director
Contract Cleaning Inc Administration
Convergent Communication Coord  Trainer
Creative Technologies Owner - IT Business
Crittenden Publishing Senior Editor
Crocs Reporting Analyst
Crosspoint Asst Colorist
Ctr Partners Customer Service Rep.
CU Boulder Grad Student
CU Boulder Speech Lang Pathology Grad Student
Culinary Translations Bilingual- Food Safety Consultant
Curtis Park Community Svs Couns
CW2-KWGN Producer
D K Plumbing Owner
Dahmer Health Ofc. Mgr.
Dare to Share Event Mgr.
DaVita Health Care Partners Manager of Health Care Admin.
Dee Dee Asten, LLC Business Owner
Denver Automotive & Diesel College Financial Aide Ofcr.
Denver Broncos Football Club Vice President of Public Relations
Denver Center Theatre Box Ofc.
Denver City Council City Council Aide
Denver Ear Associates Clinical Audiologist
Denver Fire Department Firefighter
Denver First SDA Church Treas
Denver Health Human Resources Assistant
Denver Health RN
Denver Institute of Technology Instructor
Denver Paralegal Institute Director
Denver Police Manager
Denver Public Library Librarian
Denver Theological Seminary Professor of Christian Formation and Soul Care
Denver Urban Ministries  
Denver Urban Spectrum Journalist/Substitute Tchr.
Denver Visiting Nurses Clinic  
Denver Waldorf School Teacher
Denver Water Engr Inspector
Department of Health Care Policy & Financing Contract Employee
Department of Revenue Admin Assistant
Department Of Treasury Contact Rep
Developmental Disabilities Resource Center Case Manager
Developmental Disabilities Resource Center Intake Case Worker
Developmental Pathways Desk Top Support Technician
Developmental Pathways Prog. Leader
Developmental Pathways Student, Univ. Phoenix/Early Intervention Service
Dial Global Promotions Director
Digital Assets Senior Account Manager
Digital Impacts Secretary
Division of Developmental Disabilities Case Res. Manager
Dominion Medical Transportation Owner
Dorsey & Whitney Regional Mktg. Dir.
Douglas County School District Exc. Dir., Douglas County Educational Foundation
Douglas County School District Speech & Language Pathologist
DPS Paraprofessional/Speech Language Tutor
DPS Principal
DPS Project Manager
DPS Secondary Teacher
DPS Speech Language Pathologist
DPS Teacher
Dr. David Carrier Ofc. Mgr.
Dunlap Tires Sales Rep
E Channel Producer
East Central BOCES Speech Language Pathologist
East West Urban Management Assistant General Manager
Echo Inc Food Bank Asst Dir
EchoStar Communications Corp Research Analyst
EchoStar Communications Corp. Tech. Support
ECI Field Maintenance Manager
Ecolab Food Safety Spec.
Educational Center Educational Sign Language Inter
Educational Sales Management Lead Agt.
El Paso Times Business Reporter
El Paso Times Business Reporter
Elizabeth Learning Center Teacher
Encore Media Group database coordinator
Englewood Public Schools Spec. Educ. Tchr.
Entravison Communication Executive Assistant
Environment Compton Foundation, Inc.  
Environmental Protection Agency Manager
Environmental Protection Agency Public Info. Officer
Escalant & Lumber Supply Salesman
ESPN Radio Radio Producer
Falcon County Public Schools  
Fay Myers Sales Mgr
FDA PAS Assistant
Federal Reserve Bank of Denver Banking
FedEx Freight Account Mgr.
Feel Good for Life Mktg Coord
Fiddlers Green Ampitheatre Asst General Managr
Finis Credit Mqnager
First Tee of Denver Executive Director
FirstBank Lead Internet Rep./Promotional Model
Fox Sports Log Admin
Frontier Airlines Flight Attnd.
Frontier Business Products sales
Future Electronics Manager
Gates Corporation Global Commodity Manager
Gateway Battered Women's Shelter Director of Development & Public Relations
GCG Financial, Inc. Financial Advisor
General Services Administration Contract Spec.
Genesys Conferencing Sr. Biller
Geneva Foundation of Presbyterian Homes Assoc. Director of Communication & Grants
Geological Society of America Meetings Assistance
Goldstar Learning Options,Inc Owner Goldstar Learning Options, Inc.
Graland Country Day School Tchr.
Grazi Communications LLC Owner
Great-West Healthcare Sales Support
Great-West Life & Annuity Lead Technical Services
Greenhorn Valley News Editor & Advt Mgr
Greenwood Village Police Department 911 Supervisor
Hawk Eye Care Home Business Owner-Assistant Living
Hebrew Educational Alliance Preschool Tchr.
Heggem-Lundquist Project  Coordinator
Herman Wylie Public Address Announcer Tchr. & Writer
High Noon Entertainment Production Assistant
Holy Trinity Catholic School Teacher
Home Gals Inc. Business Owner
Home Real Estate Broker/Assoc.
Home Smart Real Estate Co RE Broker
Homstead Financial Services Inc. Owner of Mortgage Broker Business
House Majority at State Capital Dir. of Communications
Hyvee Grocery Store Retail Mgmt.
I Card Speech Language Pathologist
IBM Proj. Mgr.
Ikon Office Solutions Sales Rep
Imagine Technologies Human Resources/Payroll
Imagined Creations Design & Production Coordinator
Indep Contractor Software Consultant
Indep. Telecommunications Cnslt.
ING Sr. Reinsurance Tech.
Innervision TV Broadcaster
InnovAge Long Term Care Options Human Resources
Inovision Health Media Mktg. Dir.
Integra Telecom Computer Technician
Intellimark Recruiter
Intercom Digital Content Coordinator
Internal Revenue Service Legal Clerk
ISSSEEM Exec. Asst. to CEO
J.D. Edwards & Company Corporate Trng Registrar
Jacor Broadcasting KRFX KBPI KTCL Radio Asst Promotion Dir
Jazzle Dazzle  
Jefferson County School District Elem. Sch. Tchr.
Jefferson County School District Special Educ.
Jefferson County School District Speech Language Pathologist Asst.
Jefferson County School District speech pathologist
Jefferson County School District Teacher
Jeppesen a Boeing Co Tech. Spec.
Jimmy P Productions Pres./Film & TV Production
Jones Lang LaSalle Brokerage, Inc Property Admin.
Jos A Bank Retail Management
Juice Plus+ Owner
KABC 7 News Writer / Producer
Kaiser Permanente Learning Cnslt.
Kaiser Permanente Patient Safety Manager
Kaiser Permanente Performance Evaluator
KBDI-Channel 12 Creative Svcs. Manager
KCNC-TV Video Editor
KCWY-13 TV News Reporter
KDVR TV 31 promotions asst
Keare's World" Web Show" Host
Keller Williams Realtor
Ken's Reproductions Graphics
Kentwood Co. Broker Assoc.
KFYR Bismark ND Anchor Reporter
KHIH Radio Manager
KHIH Radio promotions director
KISM Program Director-Radio Broadcasting
KMGH TV Channel 7 Sports Producer
KOA Radio Communicator
KOLD Channel 13/Roadrunner Business Creations LLC Fill-in Weather Anchor/Owner
Kornelsen Associates, Inc. Founder
KREX-TV Chanel 5 Gen TV Assignment Reporter/Weathercaster
Ktgy Group Architecture & Planning Assoc. Director
KXLY-TV Reporter/Weather Anchor
KXTV ABC TV Broadcaster
Lansing City Police Department Teacher
LFP Productions Producer/Director
LHR Enterprises Historic & Literary Presentations
Library Congress Copywriter Spec.
LifeVantage Corporation Director of E-Commerce
Lissy Brenner Commercial Photographer
Littleton Adventist Hospital Registered Dietetic Tech.
Littleton Eye Clinic Ins Clerk
Littleton Public Schools Special Educ. Paraprofn.
Littleton Public Schools Tchr
Live Nation Mktg. Coord.
Lois Lenski Elementary School 2nd Grade Tchr
Lori's Beads Self-Employed
Los Alamos National Bank Bank Teller
Lost & Found Inc Counseling Therapist
Lowry Park Independent and Assisted Living Community Marketing / Community Relations
M&B Builders Contractor/Handyman
Magnum Steel Dir. of Operations
Manhattan Funding Co Loan Officer
Manik Skateboards Sales Mngr
Marsh USA Ins. Broker
Mary Mount School Teacher
Maryland Ntl Mortgage Corp Clerk
Mason and Morse Real Estate Broker Associate
May Department Store Sales Mgr
McCormick Center Hotel  
McLoughlin's Restaurant & Bar Job Placement Spec.
Medical Group Management Association Administrative Asst
Megatest Internal Audit
Meggitt Motors Sales
Metro Masonry Admin. Asst.
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Human Resources
Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Service Rep
Michael L John Fine Arts Photography Photographer
Milliken School District School Psychologist
MJ Smith & Associates Administrative Assistant
Montana Salon & Day Spa Manager
Mortgage Co Account Exec
Mountain Valley Dev Services Case Mgr
MSG Entertainment, a division of Madison Square Garden, L.P. Director of Touring Productions/Assoc. Producer
MSU Denver Admin Assistant III
MSU Denver Asst Prof of TCM
MSU Denver IT Professional III
MSU Denver Mgr, Private Schol & Donor Rel
MSU Denver Part-Time Faculty
MSU Denver Technician IV
MSU Denver Student Activities Department  
Music for Life Private Music Teacher/Voice & Piano Lessons
National CineMedia Natl. Promotions Coord.
NBC Holdings, Richmond American Homes Recruiter
NBC Holdings, Richmond American Homes Recruiter
NBC15 News Meteorologist
New Hampshire Motor Speedway VP Marketing /Promotions
Night Equity Mkt. AVP
Nobody's Perfect Massage Therapist
North American Title Sales
Northstar Business Systems Technology Sales
Northwestern Group Marketing Services of Colorado Benefit Analyst
Norwest Bank Reconciler
Norwich University Assistant Professor of Military Science
OCU Grad School of Business Grad Student
Ohio State University Teaching Assistant
Oojah Marketing Mktg. Dir.
Open Water Adventures Aquatics Director
OppenheimerFunds Inc. Computer Technician
OppenheimerFunds Inc. Regional Sales Rep.
Partnerships for Healthy Communities Prog. Coord./Trng. Dir.
Pasternacks Pawn Shop Pawnbroker
Pender County Schools Dir. of Preschool
Photopia Productions LLC Producer/Director
Plasmon Corp. Dir. of Mktg.
Popchips Director of Field Marketing, West Coast
Poppy B Designer
Preferred Home Infusion Pharmacy Medical Sales Representative
Presbyterian Church USA Reverend Pass
Printed Memories Photography Photographer
Printing Limited Owner
Prudential Northwest Realty Realtor
Public Schools Speech Pathologist Assist.
Queen of Peace Grammer Sch Volunteer Tchr -Tutoring
Quest Diagnostics Dispatcher
Raytheon Polar Services Company Deputy Director
Raytheon Polar Services Company Field Coordinator
RE/MAX City Horizon Real-Estate Broker
Ready Wireless, LLC Regulatory & Compliance Officer
Realty Professionals Realtor
Regional Air Quality Council Communications Manager
Regis University Student
REI Assistant Store Manager
Revacast Corp. Pres./Owner
Rio Rancho Public Schools Special Educ. Tchr.
Rivertree Theater Retired Actor/Dir./Theater Owner
Roaring Fork School District Principal
Robertson Multi-Media Production Voice Over Production Asst./Indep. Business Owner
Rocky Mountain PBS Chief Tech. Officer
Rocky Mountain Reserves Marketing Director
Rover Retreat Wheat Ridge Owner
Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation Development Assistant
Saint Louis Park Public Schools Educator
Saint Vrain Valley Public Schools Purchasing Secy.
Saint Vrain Valley Public Schools Speech Language Pathologist Assistant
San Bernardino Valley College Assoc. Professor
San Diego Apartment Association Asst Executive Dire
Sand Creek Elementary School Speech Language Pathologist
Sankofa Tumi Cnslt.
Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceutical Senior Sales Profn.
Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital Chaplain
Sean Lambert Photography Free-Lance Photographer
Security Benefit Account Rep.
Security Life of Denver Assoc
Self Employed Attorney
Self Employed Freelance Writer, Photographer
Self Employed General Manager
Self Employed Piano Tuner, Tech
Self Employed Public Relations
Self Employed Audiologist
self employed HR Consultant
Self Employed Public Speaker
Self-Employed Writer
Sephora Make Up Artist
Sheraton School District Ret.; Emergency Substitute Tchr.
Sievers Instrument Inc Sales Representative
Sky West Airlines Ramp Service Agent
Smart Girl Director of Program
Smg Partners Owner/CEO
Solis Advt Exec Mgmt
Solutionary, Inc. Paralegal
South Bend SD Speech Language Pathologist
Sparkles Maid Services CEO
Specmaster Inc Employee Relations/Employee Consultant
Spoken 4 Owner
Sports Authority Syst. Quality Assurance
Sprint Nextel Sales Cnslt.
Stage Hospitality Curtis Hotel Downtown Denver Convention Svcs. Manager
Standard Register IT Business Consultant
Standard Register sales
Starkey Productions Vocalist/Voice Tchr.
Starz Entertainment Exec. Director, On Air Promotion
Starz Entertainment TV Producer
State Farm Insurance Ins Agt
Stella PR + Marketing Owner
Sterling Sales COO
Stone Energy Ofc. Mgr.
Stone Energy Ofc. Mgr.
StorageTek Foundation Dir.
Stormy Productions Technical Operations Mgr.
Sundyne Corp Human Resources Generalist
Sunrise Assisted Living Prog Coord
Symetra Financial Registered Rep.--Retirement Services
Tabby Lane Press Freelance Artist
Take 5 Manager
Talk Show Publicists Publicist
Taylor Guitars Content Manager
Taylored Transitions Prog Coor
TCI Network Response Ctr Svpr
Terminix Sales Rep.
Texas A&M University Asst. Director For Institutional Effectiveness
The Capital Grille Private Dinning Room Coordinator
The Conflict Center Prog. Coord.
The UPS Foundation Exec. Dir.
Therapy 2000 Speech Language Pathologist
TIAA-CREF Relationship Manager
Time Warner Escalation Supervisor
Time Warner Sr. Sales Support
Tomago Media Production Asst
Total Solutions Project Manager
Town of Milliken Trustee
Transformation Residential Designer/Property Developer
Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue Firefighter
Ukiah School District Paraprofessional for Severely Handicap
Unique Properties, Inc Commercial Real Estate Broker
United States Air Force Pilot
United States Marine Corps Attorney
United States Mint Public Affairs Specialist
United States Postal Service Letter Carrier
United States Postal Service SBPS Clerk
United Way of Racine County Community Investment Director
UnitedHealthcare/Pacificare Customer Service Rep.
University Cincinnati Assistant
University of Akron Faculty
University of Colorado Employee Rel Admin
University of Colorado Grad Student
University of Colorado Denver Library Tech. 1
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center Public Relations
University of Denver Administrative Asst.
University of Denver Director of Facilities & Operations
University of Denver Graduate Coordinator for Undergraduate Services
University of Denver Recruitment & Enrollment Specialist
University of Denver Sr. Enrollment Manager
University Of Nebraska Assistant Vollegball Coach
University of Notre Dame Operations Mgr. Notre Dame
University of Phoenix Instr.
University of Wyoming Lecturer
Urban Cos. Broker Assoc.
US Army Chief, JBLM Hearing Program
US Bank Banker
US Bank Sr Banker
US West Mktg Communications Coord
US West Transportation Coord
USA Exec. Ofcr.
Van Gilder Insurance Corporation Producer
Venturemark Media Vice President
Verizon Wireless Business Sales
Verizon Wireless Financial Svcs.
Videojo Productions Videographer
VISA USA Sr. Technical Trainer
Visiting Nurse Association of Colorado Staff Nurse
Walgreens HR Generalist
Walgreens Manager
Walt Disney World Co blockbustr video
Washington Mutual Product Manager
Washoe County School District Speech Pathologist
Water Purification USA, Inc. Engineer
Wealth Strategies Group Macro Economic Financial Spec.
Weatherford International Sales
Wells Fargo Receptionist & Event Coordinator
Western Title Funding Closer
White & Jankowski, LLP Partner
Whole Foods Mktg.
Williams Conferencing Video Operations
Wing Shack Director-Marketing & Public Relations
XM Satellite Radio Marketing Solutions Planner
Youngevity-Life Vitamins & Minerals Indep. Distributor
Youth Services Council Corp President
Zander Keig & Associates Public Speaker Workshop Facilitator & Mediator

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