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Who is...

David Kottenstette, M.A.?

David looking suave in a suit and tie showing off a fun but sophisticated sideProfessor Kottenstette, M.A. teaches communication theory. You know, all those courses that have a foundation in interpersonal communication --- Conflict, Culture, Gender, Family, Elderly and Nonverbal. He also created and teaches a course called Acting Like a Teacher (CAS 4301) for pre-service teachers and anyone who wants a level of comfort and authority in front of an audience.

David smiling with a flower in his ear.David has a passion for student centered learning, using creative and innovative projects that integrate theory and application. As a mastery learning teacher he helps students set learning goals. A mastery-learning teacher means that he is willing to review and guide a student through the on going process of an assignment so that their final project meets with success. Using creative projects his students have tied their content knowledge to their lived experience---“We’ve built boats to demonstrate the close alignment and significance of communication and culture in an artistic way.” “We have also created and produced radio shows for WCAS that demonstrates scholarship and the practicality of the lived experience.” “I usually have no formal tests, because I think students test them selves every class meeting, in their discussion and their combined projects.”

David’s research and professional development interests include, interpersonal conflict process, teaching pedagogy, auto-ethnography, (stories of everyday life), and performance studies. Those intellectual forays have lead to some fascinating professional conferences, as a panelist, workshop presenter and scholarly writer. While he is active in local, regional and national conferences, David will tell you that intellectual and frivolous fun can be had at international conferences in places like Denmark, Germany, Scotland and Russia. He loves visiting museums, churches, theatre, the wild places in nature and the  glorious stillness of early mornings with nothing but the sunrise and the chatter of birds.


A black and white of wooden cabinBefore teaching in the department of Communication, David taught for 10 years in the theatre program (when it was part of Comm Studies). He was the scenic designer and technical director during that time. He has also directed numerous theatrical productions on the Auraria Campus, from “Hot L Baltimore” in 1985 to “A Man for All Seasons” in 2002.

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