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The 6th Annual Spectacular Vernacular

One Day Only! - April 28, 2017

What: the spectacular vernacular is a public speaking contest with two student event categories: oratory (with a special category to include water oratory) & extemporaneous.  a single contestant is allowed to compete in both oratory and extemporaneous.

When: Friday, April 28th

Where: King Center (Rooms 305, 306, 307, 308, 311, and 312).

Categories: Oratory, Water Oratory, and Extemporaneous (descriptions)

First Prize: Oratory Category - $500, a handsome plaque, and bragging rights

Water Oratory Category - $300, plaque, and bragging rights
(If the speaker winner of the Oratory Category delivers an approved Water Oratory topic, total prize money will be $800!)

Extemporaneous Category - $300, plaque, and bragging rights

Second Prize: $50.00 in each event category

Third Prize: $25.00 in each event category

Eligibility: In order to register for the event a student needs to be enrolled at MSU Denver during Spring 2017 and must have already taken CAS 1010 Public Speaking or is currently enrolled in CAS 1010

Registration: Registration is open! Either email Dr. William Huddy or drop the Registration Form off at the CAS office (Central Classroom, Room 120)

Additional Information: Contact Dr. William Huddy, Spectacular Vernacular Director


Central Classroom 120C

2015 Spectacular Vernacular Winners

Oratory: 1st place - Megan Adamns, 2nd place - Emily Zimmerman

Extemporaneous: 1st place - Michael Ronnebaum, 2nd place - Rob Hatcher

Water Oratory: 1st place - Tom Akins and Kateland Lawton

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