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CAS 1010 Public Speaking

Public speaking and the ability to communicate well with others is one of the most important traits employers look for in a new employee. Because of the importance of public speaking to students, both in school and after graduation, CAS 1010 Public Speaking fulfills a General Studies Level I Communication requirement at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: (a) recognize the roles of speech in social and professional settings, (b) recognize the similarities and differences between spoken and written discourse, (c) define the speaker's obligation to the audience, (d) define and demonstrate competent listening skills, (e) critically analyze and interpret, orally and/or in writing, each speech prepared and delivered by peers, (f) prepare and deliver different types of speeches, (g) employ inquiry, data collection, and investigation in speech preparation, and (h) use both computer and non-computer generated visual aids.

During the spring semester, we organize Spectacular Vernacular, a speech competition for MSU Denver students and faculty.

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