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Graduation Candidate Instructions


You must regularly monitor ConnectU account for messages and information regarding preparation for the graduation process and the Commencement Ceremony. You will be sent reminder e-mails messages throughout the semester with information on cap and gown rental, graduation honors, graduation announcements, class rings, reporting time at the Convention Center, maps, etc.


The Office of the Registrar's Graduation Services (located on the 1st Floor- SSB #160) approves adjustments to students’ CAPP report, determines graduation eligibility, performs final degree checks, and distributes diplomas. Please contact the Office of the Registrar for any of these services. 


Graduation Checklist

Access the


Application for Graduation

In order to determine eligibility to graduate, all Seniors must fill out a Graduation Application. The Graduation Application deadline for Spring 2013 is February 8th, 2013

If you miss the deadline, you will need to apply for a subsequent semester.  There are no exceptions for late graduation applications. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this deadline, please contact Graduation Services in the Office of the Registrar at 303-556-3985.  

For more information regarding the application and degree requirements, visit Graduation Evaluation.   


Graduation Announcements and Class Rings

Personalized announcements may be purchased online through either or Non-personalized announcements are also available now in the Auraria Book Center.

Orders for class rings may be made online at



Honors Policy

Graduation honors are awarded to students who have demonstrated superior academic ability in their baccalaureate degree while attending MSU Denver. Honors designations are determined according to the following criteria:

  • Summa Cum Laude - Top five percent of graduates within each school with cumulative MSU Denver GPA of no less than 3.65.

  • Magna Cum Laude - Next five percent of graduates within each school with cumulative MSU Denver GPA of no less than 3.65.

  • Cum Laude - Next five percent of graduates within each school with cumulative MSU Denver GPA of no less than 3.65.

To determine each honors category, GPAs from the previous spring semester graduates are arrayed in rank order. This rank ordering is then used to determine the honors category thresholds for the following fall, spring and summer graduates. The GPA cut-offs for each School are listed below.


2012-13 Academic Year


Summa Cum

Magna Cum

Cum Laude





Letters, Arts & Sciences




Professional Studies




IDP Majors are identified with a School determined by the program content.

The honors designation is calculated twice: once for the commencement ceremony and again at the end of the final semester for the official designation.


Commencement Ceremony

To qualify for graduation honor recognition at the commencement ceremony, a student must have the specified GPA and must have completed a minimum of 50 semester hours of academic credit at MSU Denver by the end of the term of graduation.  UCD pooled classes and transfer credits are not considered when determining honors.  Recognition at the commencement ceremony does not guarantee final honors designation on the official record.  Honors announced at the commencement ceremony will be based upon a preliminary calculation, which does not include grades from the term of graduation.

Students who qualify for recognition at the ceremony will be sent a letter from the Dean's Office of the School in which their major is located. This letter authorizes students to purchase honor cords at the time they rent their caps and gowns. You must present the letter to receive your honor cords.

Candidates with an Individualized Degree Program Major will be identified for honors purposes within the School most prominent in their major.


Official Honors Designation

Grades earned for the graduating term will affect honors. GPA's are not rounded up (Example: A GPA of 3.149 is not rounded to 3.15).  The Official Honors designation will be calculated following the processing of final grades. This recalculation will take into consideration any grade changes submitted to the Registrar's Office during your graduating term.  Only the official honors designation is added to the final transcript and diploma.  A student must maintain the specified GPA and must complete a minimum of 50 semester hours of academic credit at MSU Denver by the term of graduation. UCD Pooled classes and transfer credits are not considered when determining honors.


Honors Programs

Visit the Honors Program 


Honor Societies

Visit the Honor Societies Web Site.


Alumni Association

Visit the Alumni Association for more information.


Additional Commencement Notes

  1. If you are a candidate for graduation and have a disability, please contact Ed Zarate at (303) 556-3985 or  Candidates who have family members with disabilities (wheelchair, walker, hearing or visual impairment) that are going to attend the Commencement Ceremony need to call, (303) 556-6226 or email, to reserve special ADA seating. Special ADA seating tickets must be picked up in the  Student Success Building (Suite 430) during the week of Dec 10-14 from the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They will also be available at Cap and Gown Distribution on Dec. 11th & 12th, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on the 1st Floor Lobby in the SSB.

  2. There is no rehearsal for the Commencement Ceremony.

  3. No tickets are required for guests attending the ceremony. No seating is reserved for groups.
  4. Candidates' coats may be hung in the Graduate Assembly Area; however, this should not be considered a secured area.
  5. Family and guests need to be seated no later than 1:55 p.m.  The doors to the ceremony will close at 1:50 p.m. for the processional to begin.  The doors will re-open after the recessional (approximately 4:30 p.m.).
  6. The tassel on the cap is to be worn on the RIGHT side until you are instructed at the end of the ceremony to switch it to the left.
  7. A professional photographer will take the pictures of each candidate crossing the stage and before returning to their seat.  The photographer will contact each candidate by email three to four days following the ceremony regarding the option of purchasing photos. While in the graduate assembly area, please write a legible email address on the back of your name card in order for the photographer to contact you in a timely manner.
  8. Teacher licensure students should request their name card from the area of their major. They may then participate with the Teacher Education department (EDUC), if they wish.
  9. You are eligible to register for classes for one year following your graduation. Check ConnectU for this and other information.


The commencement website is updated continuously to keep the university informed about the ceremony and graduation process.  Please continue to check in for up-to-date information concerning the Fall 2012 Commencement. 


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