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Qualifying for Honors Designation

Commencement Ceremony

To qualify for graduation honor recognition at the commencement ceremony, a student must have the specified GPA and must have completed a minimum of 50 semester hours of academic credit at MSU Denver by the end of the term of graduation. UCD Pooled classes and other transfer credits are not considered when determining honors. Recognition at the commencement ceremony does not guarantee final honors designation on the official record. Honors announced at the commencement ceremony will be based upon a preliminary calculation not including grades from the term of graduation.

Students who qualify for recognition at the ceremony will be sent a letter from the dean’s office of the School in which their major is located. This letter authorizes students to recieve honor cords at the time they rent their caps and gowns. The academic honors cords are free of charge.

Graduates with an Individualized Degree Program major will be identified for honors purposes within the School most prominent in their major.

Official Honors Designation

Grades earned for the graduating term will affect honors. GPAs are not rounded up (for example: a GPA of 3.149 is not rounded to 3.15). The Official Honors designation will be calculated following the processing of final grades. This recalculation will take into consideration any grade changes submitted to the Registrar’s Office during your graduating term. Only the official honors designation is added to the final transcript and diploma.  A student must maintain the specified GPA and must complete a minimum of 50 semester hours of academic credit at MSU Denver by the term of graduation. UCD Pooled classes and other transfer credits are not considered when determining honors.

Honors designations are added to the student’s official academic record; no other notification will be sent. For additional information regarding graduation honors, contact the Registrar's Office at 303-556-3991.

Honors Policy

Graduation honors are awarded to undergraduate students who have demonstrated superior academic ability in their baccalaureate degree while attending MSU Denver. To determine each honors category, GPAs from the previous spring semester graduates are arrayed in rank order. This rank ordering is then used to determine the honors category thresholds for the following fall, spring and summer graduates.

Master's students are not awarded Academic Honors due to the high g.p.a. threshold or high academic standard a graduate student must meet to be accepted and the high standard the student must maintain. 


 The GPA cut-offs for each school or college are listed below.


Fall 2020 - Summer 2021 Academic Year


Summa Cum 

Magna Cum

Cum Laude

College of Business




College of Letters, Arts & Sciences




College of Professional Studies - (Includes School of Hospitality)




School of Education




*IDP Majors are identified with a College determined by the program content.


Honors are not awarded below 3.65 GPA. Students must complete a minimum of 50 hours of Metropolitan State University of Denver credits, UCD pooled course work does not count in the 50 accumulated credit hours.

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