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Ceremony Details


Virtual Ceremony - Friday, May 14th

We will be simulcasting to the livestream player on the commencement home page as well as on the MSU Denver Facebook page. We invite all faculty and staff to join the pre-show at 1:30 p.m. and virtual ceremony starting at 2 p.m. You're encouraged to interact with gradautes using emojis, reactions and comments in the Facebook stream. If you don't have a Facebook, please feel free to join us via the livestream on the commencement home page. The video messages that were submitted by the April 6th deadline will be shown in the pre-show.


If you have questions or concerns, or need a timeline of the day, please email the commencement team via 

The commencement website is updated continuously to keep the university informed about the ceremony and graduation process.  Please continue to check in for up-to-date information concerning the upcoming Commencement Ceremony.

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