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COA Bylaws


COA Bylaws - Approved 2018


Submit a Bylaw Amendment

All members of the COA are able to submit amendments to the bylaws, please use this procedure as outlined in Article VI Section B of the COA Bylaws:

Section B. Amendment

  1. Proposed amendments to these bylaws must be presented in writing, with references to the proper articles and sections, to the COA. Proposed amendments can be submitted electronically to the President or Vice-President and will be discussed at the next monthly COA meeting. All proposed amendments shall be introduced as new business during such meeting.
  2. The Vice-President shall distribute properly received proposed amendments to all administrators via email within seventy-two (72) hours of their receipt. Administrators will have two (2) weeks to review the proposed amendments.
  3. At the close of the review period the proposed amendment will be sent to all administrators for final approval via an electronic vote.
  4. A simple majority of the votes cast is necessary to amend the bylaws.

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