About Us

Launched in late 2022, the Colorado HSI Consortium, purpose is to provide a collaborative community (current and emerging) HSIs aimed at strengthening our organizational capacity to intentionally serve Latinx/e students.

Structure and Purpose
The purpose is to provide a collaborative community of HSIs aimed at strengthening our organizational capacity to intentionally serve Latinx/Hispanic students. The consortium will provide professional development and networking opportunities, share resources and information, cultivate collaboration to seek federal and foundation funding, engage in community partnerships, inform policymakers and other stakeholders about HSI issues and advocate for enhanced funding and new initiatives, programs and services, maintain expertise about laws, regulations, policies, issues and trends pertaining to HSI funding, programs and designation, and statewide servingness. These goals and objectives were developed and implemented by the steering committee members. These goals and activities are informed by notable work at the University of Arizona and Arizona HSI Consortium.

The inception of the CO HSI Consortium was marked by the gracious participation of Dra. Marla Franco, who stood as a prominent Keynote Speaker at the Higher Education Diversity summit: Learning Critically into HSI/MSI Servingness in the Spring of 2022. Dra. Marla Franco cultivated the HSI Consortium seed into Dr. Del Real and Dr. Montoya after the HEDS Summit, they had a long conversation with Dra. Franco about creating the CO HSI Consortium

Dr. Montoya’s proactive initiative to launch a HSIs tour in Colorado during the Latinx Heritage Month serves as a testament to his innovative leadership. Last, we want to thank Dra. Marla Franco and the AZ HSI Consortium team for being our blueprint for creating the CO HSI Consortium.

On November 15,2022 a significant milestone was reached as the inaugural meeting of the CO HSI Consortium took place. This momentous occasion gathered Presidents, Chancellors, Senior staff, faculty members, and esteemed HSI leaders from both current and emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) across Colorado. The primary purpose of this gathering was to assess their level of interest and unwavering commitment towards collectively fostering a future where Colorado stands as a state dedicated to serving the Latinx community.

On May 02,2023 . we marked another significant step forward as we hosted our first steering committee meeting, with a remarkable turnout of 30 dedicated individuals. The core focus of this meeting was to facilitate introductions and establish our main goals and bylaws.

On July 18, 2023, we embraced the opportunity to connect in person at Red Rocks Community College during our first summer retreat. Guided by the expertise of Dra. Angela Marquez, we honed in on finalizing our goals and objectives, working towards establishing a robust State Servingess Framework.


Steering Committee