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Professional Development Opportunities

Bio Chemistry Classroom Project

Discover workshops and events to support students in their career exploration; including “Connecting Careers to Curriculum”: a 4-hr paid training spread throughout the semester that teaches faculty how to frame their existing curriculum in terms of the NACE career competencies. During this program, faculty members will learn how to uncover and make salient career competencies that are already embedded in their courses. Apply for the Spring 2022 cohort.

Faculty Career Catalysts

The C2 Hub is excited to announce our new Faculty Career Catalysts community. Faculty Career Catalysts are faculty who offer (or are working toward offering) experiences, advice, assignments, and activities that help guide students to identify and obtain a meaningful professional direction for life after graduation.

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Faculty Career Catalysts will receive SWAG to display that recognizes their accomplishments and invites students to discuss career related topics (e.g., a Career Catalyst decal to display in their office). Faculty Career Catalysts will also receive faculty-focused newsletters from the C2 Hub, be invited to special C2 Hub events to connect with other interested faculty, with C2 staff, and industry partners, and more.

Faculty engagement in student career education is celebrated through the Faculty Career Catalysts Awards. The Career Catalyst award is a student/alumni nominated award for faculty members who have supported students on their career development journey.

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Arlene Sgoutas

Faculty can join the Faculty Career Catalyst community by meeting one of the five following criteria: 1) attend a C2 Hub workshop, 2) participate in a service activity for C2 Hub, 3) incorporate service learning into a class, 4) supervise student interns, or 5) be nominated by a student for a Faculty Career Catalyst award. Interested in becoming a Faculty Career Catalyst?

2022 Faculty Career Catalysts Celebration

2021 Faculty Career Catalysts Celebration

Faculty Funding Opportunities

To facilitate course redesign and implementation for both course-based service learning and course-based career preparation activities, we offer a variety of faculty support grants.

Funding Opportunties

One-to-one Consulting with C2 Staff

The following team members can be contacted for personal one-to-one C2 Consultation.

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Bessie Nolan

Contact for support connecting careers to the liberal arts and sciences.

[email protected]
Waleska Rivera-Shon

Waleska Rivera-Shon

Contact for support with graduate school pathways.

[email protected]
Pam Ansburg headshot

Dr. Pam Ansburg

Contact for all other questions and inquiries.

[email protected]