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Spring 2019

2019 CPS outstanding Student Award Recipient

Zachari Martinez received a CPS outstanding Award at the annual event hosted by the Dean's Office. Each year, the CJC department selects one student who shows strong academic achievements and contribution to the department through active engagement with students and faculty. 


Guest Lecturer in the Classrooms

Our classes often have wonderful guest lecturers from the community and some are CJC alumni. If you're alum and working in the criminal justice system, please share your experiences with students. 


(Amanda Hollander, the Victim Advocate Coordinator for Parker Police Department, visited Dr. Mowder's Victimology class)



(CJC alumnus Daisey Dominguez visited Professor Richard Jackson's Ethics class (CJC 4650) to share her experiences as a probation officer in the city of Aurora.)


Metro Denver Crime Stoppers Next Generation

Metro Denver Crime Stoppers Next Generation Board is looking for young adults and professionals (including undergraduate students) who could support achieve their organizational goals. See Next Gen Application if you're interested in applying. 


2019 Undergraduate Research Conference

Chris Baker and Sachae Lyons presented their research at the annual Undergraduate Research Conference held on April 19, 2019. Their studies looked at the spatial patterns of crime (marijuana and auto theft) in Denver. If your're interested in attending this event and presenting your research, talk to your favorite professors about your plan. 


Spring 2019 Open House

Many future CJC majors stopped by our table at the Open House on April 13. We hope to see you all soon!


New Study Abroad Schedule

Please check our new schedule for upcoming study abroad trips. More information can be found on this section and our Study Abroad Facebook page



Dr. Cotton Honored by UC Boulder

Dr. Allison M. Cotton, Professor of Criminal Justice and Criminology, was honored by her Alma mater, the University of Colorado-Boulder (BA Soc '91 and PhD Soc '02) on Sunday, February 17, 2019 for being an outstanding graduate of the university. Dr. Cotton was one of the first black graduates of the Sociology doctoral program at CU-Boulder and was honored for her commitment to higher education and civic and social engagement after graduation. She is well-known in the black community for her dedication to the goals of equality and justice. The recognition was done as a tribute for Black History Month where some of Dr. Cotton's accomplishments were read aloud by the sports announcer and she was applauded by a large crowd during a media time out in the second half of the CU v. Arizona home Basketball game, where the CU Buffs won 67-60. Dr. Cotton is a long time fan of Buff sports and has held season tickets for Buff sports in the past. Congratulations, Dr. Cotton! Go Buffs! 




Criminal Justice Career Fair

DGX will be hosting the Criminal Justice Career Fair on Wednesday (1/30/19) from 3-6 pm in Tivoli 320. Hope to you see you there!


2018-2019 CJC Scholarship Recipients

Meet our scholarship recipients. For more information about CJC scholarship, see here.

Fall 2018

Fall 2018 Commencement

congratulations to all CJC graduates for your accomplishments! We hope you keep in touch and share your wonderful stories soon. 


ASC Presentations

Several faculty members in our department presented their studies at the annual meeting of American Society of Criminology (ASC) in Atlanta, GA, including Drs. Jia and Borrego. 


Julius Debro Award Given to Dr. Cotton

Dr. Allison Cotton was awarded the Julius Debro Award by the Division on People of Color and Crime (DPCC) of the American Society of Criminology. This award recognizes a member of the DPCC who has made outstanding contributions in service to professional organizations, academic institutions, or the advancement of criminal justice. Cotton is being recognized for her work with the ACLU of Colorado as a member of the Board of Directors and for teaching and writing about what real equality and justice looks like in everyday life. 

Richard T. Castro Event

At the Richard T. Castro event on October 25 that highlighted Luis Alberto Urrea, Dr. Denise Mowder was on a panel that discussed immigration along with Urrea, a Mexican American poet, novelist, and essayist. 


Cybersecurity Senate Bill 18-086 Scholarship

Senate Bill 86 provides scholarships to cybersecurity majors and, if selected, $1500 will be offered every semester. More information will be forthcoming about this. Contact Drs. Mowder ( or Jia ( for more information. Other scholarship information can be found on Financial Aid Office


It's Official - New MS in Cybersecurity!

The Higher Learning Commission finally approved our proposal for a new MS program in Cybersecurity. We will be able to offer this MS degree starting Fall 2019, but more information will be coming soon. 

CELL 360 Speaker Series

The Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL) and the CJC department cohosted CELL 360 Speaker Series. Detective Joe Masztalics from Denver Police Department spoke about public safety and what DPD is doing to address safety issues. The issues discussed mainly focused on terrorism, with an emphasis domestic terrorism. Detective Masztalics talked specifically about the difference between radicalization and mobilization and how difficult trying to fight against both of those things is. 

New Homepage for CJC Website

As you may have noticed, the first page of our website has been updated. Let us know if you like it. Also, there are a lot of useful information on this website, so spend some time here to get to know more about our program. 

Spring 2018

Spring 2018 Commencement

More than 100 CJC majors walked on the stage at the Spring 2018 Commencement held at the Denver Coliseum on May 11. Congrats, graduates! We hope you keep in touch with us. 


Passion for Helping Others

CJC major Brandon Soria's story is featured on MSU Denver video "Passion for helping others." Watch Bradon and other MSU Denver graduates' amazing stories. 

A passion for helping others from MSU Denver on Vimeo.


Recipient for James Wier Scholarship and Hal Nees Scholarship Announced

We are pleased to announce that Kim Foster has been awarded both James Wier and Hal Nees Scholarship for the 2018-2019 academic year. Congrats, Kim! (For more information on CJC scholarships, see here.)


CJC Study Abroad Program is Featured in Campus Magazine

Our study abroad program is highlighted in Metropolitan Denver Magazine (Spring 2018). In this issue, our trips to the Netherlands and South Korea were introduced with some comments of students and faculty members. See here or here to read this article. 


CJC Outstanding Student Award

Jair Guerra is the recipient of Outstanding Student Award for our department. Jair is a combat military veteran who has engaged with the criminal justice discipline with fervor. He currently volunteers for Aurora Youth Options, which is a mentoring program for kids who need someone to look up to, for instance if one or both of their parents are incarcerated. Upon graduation, Jair plans to join a police department in Denver or Aurora and continue education goals toward either graduate school or law school.

This ceremony, held by the Dean's Office of the College of Professional Studies, is to celebrate and recognize students' achievements at the end of each school year.

Congrats, Jair!


7th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference (URC)

Three CJC students (Eunice Kpekpee, Danira Memisevic, and Dacia Messing) attended the URC on April 27 to present their studies to the campus community. (Shown in the picture is Danira.)

This event, held by Applied Learning Center, is a part of an attempt to promote, support, and celebrate MSU Denver faculty and student engagement in undergraduate research activities. If you're interested in presenting your research next year (April 19, 2019), meet your favorite professors to talk about your plan. 


CJC Student Organizations are recognized by the University

CJC Student Organizations received Student Involvement & Leadership Awards on April 12. This award is given to students and student groups for their efforts in creating community at MSU Denver. In this ceremony, Of The People won the 2018 New Student Organization of the Year award, accepted by President, Dacia Messing abs Vice -President Gillian Trickett. In addition, Delta Gamma Xi won the 2018 Student Organization of the Year award, accepted by President Brandon Soria. Brandon Soria also won the 2018 Steven M. Hay Leadership Award. 


CJC Students at 2018 ACJS Annual Meeting

Three current and former CJC students presented their research to many interested parties at the annual meeting of ACJS in New Orleans. DGX also made a strong appearance with all 4 officers in attendance.

ACJS Award 

Our Spring 2017 Netherlands Study Abroad trip has won the Academy of Criminal justice Science (ACJS) "Criminal Justice Month Education Award"! This award is an recognition for our study abroad programs as an example of engaging with our discipline and students in a very educational way. The award was given to our department at the annual meeting of ACJS in New Orleans in February. FYI, ACJS is an international association and one of the biggest and influential organizations in the field of criminal justice. Also, Dr. Allison Cotton was awarded the "Keeper of the Flame" Award acknowledging her "spirit" of the Women in Minorities Section of ACJS.



Fall 2017

A Letter from Professor Mowder 

(Professor Mowder sent a letter from the Netherlands regarding her experience in teaching and living in one of the beautiful countries in Europe.) 

The differences in academic schedules allowed me to travel for the first few weeks in The Netherlands. I was also able to attend a Cyber Crime conference in Trier Germany while spending many hours on trains headed for Belgium, Paris, and the Rhine River in Germany. My first thought was of how organized the train system is and how safe I felt travelling. Being a former prosecutor, I have a tendency to be constantly vigil about my surroundings. Property crime runs rampant in the US and my husband and I surround ourselves with numerous security devices for our cars and house. However, I didn’t feel I needed to worry on our travels. Also, walking in the evenings is new for us and something we would do back home. However, in Den Haag, my husband and I find ourselves walking constantly in the night time without any concern.

I’ve finished my 3rd week of teaching. I find both the US and Dutch students basically the same when it comes to their future. They either have no idea of what they want to do with their degree or they have their futures all planned out. I find about 10-20% want to go on for Master degrees and the rest just want to be finished!

However, I did find a huge difference in their perspectives toward punishment. When the US students first enter our University the majority mirror the pro-punishment perspective of our society. We work hard in their four years to educate them to other possibilities, but not always successful. A spent the last few days lecturing on Victimology in my Haageschool criminology class. I wanted the students to get a feel of how the criminal justice system re-victimizes the victim especially during a trial. I played a movie of a rape trial in San Diego which wasn't re-enacted but occurred in real time. The defendant was found guilty and the judge sentenced him to 50 years in prison. My intent was for the students to get a feel of what this victim went through before, during and after the trial. However, The Haag students were in shock over the length of the sentence. (We had a hard time getting beyond that) The American students wouldn't have blinked twice and thought it was just.

On a personal level, the biggest difference in living in The Hague is the cold, transportation and TV. It’s perhaps the wind or the humidity, but 50 degrees Fahrenheit in The Hague is much colder to that same 50 degrees in dry Colorado. The other attitude adjustment is the inability to just walk out the door and jump into the car and go anywhere. We suddenly are thinking about tram, bus, and train schedules. Life in The Hague is “quieter” without the TV on in the background. Sadly, we’ve missed our favorite shows and our Mexican soccer team’s playoffs. We however, enjoy not hearing about the newest dramas in Washington DC and how bad the Denver Bronco football team is playing!


Study Abroad in the Netherlands 

CJC students are back from Study Abroad in the Netherlands during the fall break. Drs. Bradford and Borrego and 18 students visited several domestic and international criminal justice agencies located in the country of tulips. Visits to cultural sites were also included in the program. The US Embassy in the Hague also welcomed the group!


MSU Denver Day at DU Law School 

35 MSU Denver students visited DU Law School as a part of explorations of their future career. This visit was coordinated by Professor Koehler and she plans to hold a similar event on a regular basis. For any questions, contact Professor Koehler



DGX On Campus Rights Clinic 

Juan Melendez came to our campus today to talk about his experience as a man exonerated from death row. He was falsely accused of a murder that landed him on death row for 18 years and now he is a strong advocate against the death penalty. His inspirational story of determination and never giving up hope touched many students and we were so lucky for him to come and share his story. This event was hosted by CJC DGX. For more information about Rights Clinic, see . 


A Visitor from Europe 

The CJC department welcomes Juul Gooren, a visiting scholar from the Netherlands teaching at MSU Denver for the Fall semester. He has a MSc in Criminology and a LLM in Criminal Law from Erasmus University Rotterdam. His Ph.D. was awarded by the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology of Leiden University. In it, he explores the cultural anxieties surrounding youth and sex and the related legal implications of applying criminal law to cases of underage sex.

Juul Gooren has almost ten years of teaching experience at the Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology of Leiden University and at the Academy of Public Management, Safety & Law of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. At the moment his research focuses on the notion of resilience and how it can be applied to organizations and communities. The purpose of this study is to create an exchange of strategies used in the world of industrial safety ("resilience engineering") and public safety ("building resilient communities").  

* Professor Denise Mowder is in the Hague, the Netherlands, as a visiting scholar of the University where Professor Gooren is from. Their story is featured in MSU Denver Insider


Of the People 

Professors Barbara Koehler and Jen Bradford advised a group of students last semester who competed in a national competition in creating an anti-hate campaign. The project concluded in the summer and recently found out that although the group didn't win, they were ranked 9th out of 44 participating teams. For the effort, the group earned $500 and has gone on to convert to a permanent student organization at MSU Denver. Professors Koehler and Bradford will stay on as advisors.

(* As a result of Dr. Bradford’s work with the group she received a special “by invitation only” invite to attend a one-day conference, Digital Forum on Terrorism Prevention, in Washington D.C. facilitated by the Department of Homeland Security, Office of Community Partnership.)

Spring 2017

Korean Police Officers' Visit to CJC 

Three Korean National Police Agency officers visited our department to conduct research on police-prosecutor relationship in the US. Dr. Mowder, a former prosecutor in the state of Washington, helped them understand the criminal justice system and the role of prosecutors in criminal investigation.


Spring 2017 Commencement 

The Commencement was held on May 12 at the Denver Coliseum and more than 170 CJC majors graduated from MSU Denver. Congratulations, graduates, and keep in touch!


CJC Study Abroad in INSIDER 

Our study abroad programs attracted campus-wide attentions! Check the story appeared in the Insider. 


CJC Outstanding Student 

Alia Haley was selected as a recipient of Outstanding Student Award for our department. This award, given by the Dean's Office, acknowledges the hard work and professionalism shown by the student. Congrats, Alia!


Undergraduate Research Conference

CJC major Allison Dean presented her research at the 6th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference, titled "Officer Fatality and Violent Crime Relationship." If you're interested in participating in this event, meet your professors and explore potential topics. For more information on the Conference, see here.



Study Abroad in the Netherlands

26 students came back after a wonderful trip to the Netherlands. They had a chance to visit International and Tribunal Court, the Hague Police, EMS, the Counterterrorism Unit, and much more. 

Another trip to the Netherlands will be available in the Fall 2017 semester. Contact Dr. Bradford ( for any questions. For more information on the Study Abroad program, see here


Spring 2017 Newsletter

Please check our new Newsletter. 


Fall 2016

2016 Fall Commencement 

Almost 80 CJC majors received their BA in Criminal Justice and Criminology on December 16 at the Fall Commencement. Congrats, graduates!


Study Abroad in South Korea 

Eleven students came back from South Korea after learning about its criminal justice system, culture, and society. Here is a summary of their trip to South Korea. For more information about Study Abroad program, click here.


Veterans Day Celebration 

CJC department celebrated veteran's Day with our military veterans, Jennifer Bradford, Henry Jackson, and Richard Jackson. Thanks for your service! 


Open House 

A lot of potential CJC majors showed up at the Open House on November 12. If you are interested in CJC major, see the brochure. CJC Brochure For the upcoming Open House, check here


Visit DU Law School

Professor Koehler and students visited University of Denver Law School to explore their future career. For more information on future events like this, contact Professor Koehler ( 


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