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For the majority of Criminal Justice and Criminology majors and minors, preparation revolves around entry into the workforce and occupations.  A smaller proportion of Criminal Justice and Criminology majors and minors aspire to graduate education or law school, which indicates that we need a curriculum that is of high quality  and efficient: focused on (a) basic conceptual and theoretical understandings, (b) methodological inquiry, (c) statistical/data analysis and (d) practical information.  Elective courses reflect mainstream, substantive areas that are relevant to the field, and are also typical of courses offered by many other CJC programs in the United States. 

In alignment with a departmental goal of achieving national level certification, the CJC department overhauled the old curriculum and implemented a new curriculum in 2007. The new curriculum added a research course (CJC 2020) and a victimology course (CJC 3130) to the required courses for the major. 

Students have the opportunity to participate in internships from various criminal justice agencies throughout the Denver Metropolitan area including probation departments in various counties as well as municipalities.  Other agencies include Colorado Parole Department, public defender offices, police departments, sheriff offices, and other ancillary agencies in Colorado such as half-way houses, safe houses, rape awareness and assistance programs, district attorney offices.

For more information on CJC major, check our brochure. CJC Brochure

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