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Summer 2020 Program Suspension

The Metro Meritus program has been suspended for the summer 2020 semester.  Several issues were taken into consideration when making this decision:

  • the current pandemic
  • the health and safety of our participants
  • the fact that most summer classes will continue to be held in an online format
  • the inability for students to meet with professors face to face to obtain permission to attend courses, and
  • low summer enrollment for the 2019 summer session.

It is anticipated that the program will resume for the fall 2020 semester and we are investigating solutions to reinstate the program at that time.  However, the decision to do so has not yet been determined. 

Updates regarding the status of the program will be posted on our Facebook page, on the MSU Denver website at, and we will also send updates to your MSU Denver email address.

Courses can be taken as a non-degree seeking student or as an auditor by auditing through the university’s regular audit program.  Information on the university’s audit program can be accessed at:  However, tuition and fees do apply, and you will have to seek admission for either option.

Please contact the Metro Meritus Coordinator, Susan Heath, at, if you have questions.

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