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Questions to Assist You in Your Planning

If you are considering graduate school, are there specific entry requirements or recommended courses that should be included in your degree plan? Faculty can help you identify graduate school programs to fit your needs, or guides to graduate schools are available in the office of Career Services and in many libraries. You can search for graduate programs by school, location, and programs of study at

If your degree plan is related to your career goals, do you need additional information about career options or requirements for success in that career? The Office of Career Services is available to assist you in your research on your future career. Faculty, libraries, and practicing professionals can also offer valuable information regarding your chosen vocation.

What research or problem-solving skills are important to your field of study?

Have you included courses in your program that address the historical and/or social context of your field of study?

What technological or computing skills are needed in your field?

Would an internship in your field of study be useful? Internships can be arranged through the Applied Learning Center.

Are there other colleges and universities that offer degree programs in your field of study? Researching the curriculum at those institutions may help you develop your degree plan. Peterson's Guide to Four Year Colleges is a helpful resource available in many libraries or consult Peterson's at

Do you have experience that would allow you to apply for credit for prior learning and receive college-level credits? Credit for prior learning options are handled through the Office of the Registrar.  More information can be found at


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