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FAQ's: Lifelong Learning - Metro Meritus

What is Metro Meritus?

Through Metro Meritus, anyone who is at least 60 years old may audit courses at MSU Denver at no cost to them on a non-credit, space available basis.

Are all classes available to Metro Meritus participants?

While the large majority of MSU Denver classes are available to Metro Meritus students on a space available basis, some classes with specific studio or technical requirements may not be. Contact the Center for Individualized Learning at 303-615-0525 for a list of course types that are not supported by the program.  During the COVID-19 pandemic only on line courses will be available to Metro Meritus participants.  In person learning for Metro Meritus participants has been suspended at this time.

Do I need to apply for admission or register for classes on the web or by phone to participate?

No. You only apply for admission IF you want to take the course for credit and pay regular tuition and fees. Metro Meritus participants do not formally register for the courses they wish to audit nor do they need to apply to be admitted to the University.

Will I receive credit as a Metro Meritus student?

No, this is a non-credit program. If you wish to earn credit, then you should apply through the regular admissions process.

Do I have to do the homework or take the tests?

No, you do not. This is only for your personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

What is the cost?

This is a service offered at no charge.

I want to participate. What do I do?

Download the form from the website at Lifelong Learning-Metro Meritus, or contact the Center for Individualized Learning (AD 360, 303-615-0525) to request a registration form.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, on the first day of class, email the completed registration form to the instructor and request permission to attend the course.  If the course is available, the instructor will sign the registration form.  Ask the instructor to return the form to your email account.  Once you receive the signed form, forward it via email to for processing. Only emailed registration forms will be accepted for processing during the pandemic.  Please do not fax or mail the forms to the office as we are working remotely and the forms will not be picked up for processing during the pandemic.

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