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Sound and Vision Extended Major

Visual media for the music industry has increasingly gained prominence in areas such as live performance, conceptual video production, concert support, promotion and social media. 

The Sound and Vision extended major was developed to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to create visual media for musical artists and the commercial music business. This Individualized Degree Program (IDP) emphasizes both theoretical and practical applications.  This IDP offers students the opportunity to gain expertise in writing, producing, directing and editing video programs that specifically relate to the modern, commercial music industry.  Students will also learn how to create promotional materials and develop appropriate social media content.

Courses are designed to build strong musical and academic foundations, which allow students to seize opportunities for long and sustained careers in the music industry and related businesses.

This extended major does not require a catalog minor; however, it does require a completed and approved IDP proposal.

For more information, please download the flyer:

Sound and Vision Extended Major

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