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Lifestyle Medicine Extended Major

In cooperation with the MSU Denver Department of Health Professions

This major will become a catalog degree effective fall 2020.

Further information can be found on the Health Professions webpage at:


The Lifestyle Medicine extended major assists students interested in learning how positive behavior changes improve health and quality of life through nutritious eating, physical activity, stress reduction, sleep habits, tobacco cessation, social connection, and other health supporting behaviors. The extended major will prepare students to incorporate the principles of evidence-based lifestyle medicine in health and wellness related careers. The Lifestyle Medicine major will prepare students with competencies in wellness coaching, health navigation, and lifestyle medicine. Throughout the major, themes of cultural competence, service, self-care, interdisciplinary collaboration, and whole-person health will be emphasized. This major is applicable to students wishing to enter graduate health professional schools; however, other prerequisites will likely be necessary for admission and a pre-healthcare minor may be useful in fulfilling those prerequisites. The IDP Extended Major does not require a minor, though you may choose to declare one. 

This extended major requires a completed and approved IDP proposal.



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