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Educational Studies Incubator (Minor)

The individualized degree program incubator in Educational Studies is a program for students who are interested in the skills, expertise, and knowledge that reside in the domain of courses and faculty in the School of Education, but who do not want to become licensed teachers. This is not a teacher licensure program.

This program will help prepare students to work outside of traditional PreK-12 classrooms and lead them on a career path in a variety of areas. (Please see attached table with career possibilities.) There is a burgeoning need for people to understand how people learn as well as come to understand the skills involved in teaching outside of schools (i.e., caring for and teaching preschool age children, working with people with a range of cognitive or physical limitations, working with people whose first language is not English, utilizing educational technology, and more), and this program attempts to meet these needs.

This incubator program is designed initially as a minor, however interested students should consult with their faculty advisor as it may be possible in some instances to create a major with additional appropriate coursework.

For more information, please download the flyer and career grid below:

Educational Studies Incubator (Minor)

Educational Studies Career Grid

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