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Completely Online Emerging Programs - IN DEVELOPMENT

The Individualized Degree Program serves the University as a home for the innovation and the development of new, cutting-edge programs that are being piloted as an IDP while ensuring that they are adequately tested and prepared for formal curriculum adoption. “Incubators” or emerging programs are developed collaboratively by faculty from the relevant departments and the staff of the IDP office. From the student perspective, each emerging program is still an Individualized major or minor, with the complete IDP process still required.

Many individualized majors can be completed as fully online programs. However, several departments have created structured incubator programs that are designed for online students.

The Center for Individulized Learning anticipates the beginning of five new online incubated bachelor degrees designed to meet the needs of distance learners.  At this time all five degrees are in development, they are:

  • Aerospace Industry Services - incorporates courses from Aerospace and Communication, plus a chosen focus area in Business, Emergency Response, or Cybersecurity
  • Allied Health Sciences - incorporates courses from Health Care Management, Integrative Healthcare, Nutrition, and Sciences
  • Business - incorporates courses from each of the Business fields: Accounting, Computer Information Systems, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing, see the attached flyer for information: Business Online Incubator
  • Communication and Society - incorporates courses from Communication Studies, Journalism/Media Production, Culture and Global/Multicultural Studies
  • Diversity and Society - incorporates courses from Sociology and Multicultural Studies

Please contact the Center for Individualized Learning at 303-615-0525 to set up an appointment to speak with an advisor regarding these degrees.

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