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Frequency of Course Offerings

Not every course is offered by the Chemistry Department every semester.  Our Chemistry core course are offered Fall, Spring, and often in Summer semesters.  Please plan with our advisors to ensure that you have a viable graduate date plan, as our course offering each semester are subject to change.

Courses offered Fall semester only

CHE2300 Inorganic Chemistry
CHE2750 Arson & Explosives
CHE2760 Field Testing & Laboratory Analysis of Drugs
CHE3190 Survey of Physical Chemistry
CHE3200 Survey of Physical Chemistry Lab
CHE3250 Physical Chemistry I 
CHE3280 Physical Chemistry Lab I 
CHE3600 Crime Scene Investigation I 
CHE3700 Criminalistics I 

Courses offered Spring semester only

CHE2710 Introduction to Criminalistics
CHE2711 Introduction to Criminalistics Laboratory
CHE3260 Physical Chemistry II
CHE3290 Physical Chemistry Lab II
CHE3610 Crime Scene Investigation II
CHE3710 Criminalistics II
CHE4100 Instrumental Analysis
CHE4110 Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHE4300 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Infrequently offered courses

CHE4010 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CHE4020 Synthetic Organic Chemistry


NOTE: Courses not listed are offered every semester, but may be cancelled due to low enrollment per the Dean’s request.

* These course(s) are currently offered spring semester only, but will become fall semester only courses beginning fall 2015.

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