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Planning Your Class Schedule  

For our most up-to-date course descriptions, including prerequisites, please refer to the University Catalog. It is important to note that not every course is offered by the department every semester. Our core chemistry courses are typically offered throughout the year; however there are some courses only available during certain semesters and/or every other year.

Please plan with our advisors to ensure that you have a viable graduate date plan, as our course offerings each semester are subject to change. You can review our Planned Course Offerings when building your schedule. 

NOTE: Courses may be cancelled due to low enrollment per the Dean’s request.


All Chemistry students are required to watch a Lab Safety Video before taking Chemistry Laboratories.  The instructors will select the video and show it during the first day of class or they may assign it to be watched outside of class.  

The lab safety video was developed by our academic colleagues at UC Denver and is available here:

Hellmann Family Chemistry Endowed Scholarship

To benefit female, non-traditional students majoring in Chemistry, through the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at MSU Denver.  


  • Must be female
  • Majoring in Chemistry
  • Have financial need based on FAFSA 
  • Must be enrolled full-time
  • Must be age 25 or older

Award Amount: Varies

Deadline: March 1st, 2020

Apply here:


Dr. Eric Stephen Ball Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dr. Eric Stephen Ball embodied excellence in teaching and exemplified the way that a professor can impact, inspire and guide students—which he did with tremendous success. Dr. Ball believed that, as a professor, he was responsible for supporting his students indefinitely. Once a student crossed the classroom threshold, they were his student for life. It is our hope that, by creating a scholarship, we will be able to continue to support students in their academic pursuits of chemistry, the STEM fields and undergraduate research for many years to come, as Dr. Ball did during his time with us.

The Department of Chemistry and Dr. Ball’s family wish for his vision and passion for education to endure through the establishment of an endowed scholarship. An endowed scholarship lasts into perpetuity, allowing contributions to help permanently honor his legacy and continue to affect positive change for students, both present and future.


  • Have a declared major in Chemistry or Biochemistry
  • Have completed the core chemistry courses
  • Have demonstrated improvement in their overall understanding of core chemistry concepts from chemistry courses, via grades and GPA
  • Upload a one page essay of no more than 500 words that summarizes how the student is improved and deserving of the scholarship. Essay points should include:
    • Why have you stuck with the major despite the initial difficulty with the coursework?
    • What tactics and tools have you used to improve your performance in chemistry courses?
    • What was the difference in your attitude between the time that you first became a chemistry major and now?
    • How has this experience helped you grow as an individual, as well as a scientist?
    • What are your future plans after graduation with your degree?
  • Upload a recommendation letter from a Chemistry professor who is not a member of the Chemistry Department Scholarship Selection Committee
  • Upload a copy of your transcript 
  • There is a preference for Juniors, but Seniors may apply.

Award Amount: Varies

Deadline: March 1st, 2020

Apply here:


To research and apply for other scholarship opportunities offered by the University, please visit

Department Tutoring


While our student tutors aren't physically on campus right now due to COVID-19, the 'Chem Closet' is still up and running in a virtual capacity. If you're looking for some extra help, first check our tutoring schedule below to confirm that someone will be available, then join our MSU Chem Tutoring team, via Microsoft Teams.  Our tutors will be standing by (during their assigned shift) to connect with you!

For any questions or concerns about department tutors or how to get connected to our online tutoring program, please contact Dr. Andy McMillan at


Summer 2020 - Online Tutoring Schedule


General Chemistry

Tuesday:   Sarah Dukmak - 10am-2am / Aaron Dye - 2pm-5pm

Thursday:   Sarah Dukmak - 10am-2pm / Aaron Dye - 2pm-5pm

Friday:   Sarah Dukmak - 10am-Noon / Aaron Dye - 2pm-5pm


Organic Chemistry

Tuesday:   Aaron Dye - 2pm-5pm

Thursday:   Aaron Dye - 2pm-5pm

Friday:   Aaron Dye - 2pm-5pm                


*Mariah Schroeder is also available for tutoring in both General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry by appointment only - you can email her at 




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