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Recommended Course Sequence for BS in Chemistry

Recommended Course Sequence for
B.S. in Chemistry
This is designed with traditional students in mind
(15-18 credits/semester, No Summer School)
CHE 1800 General Chemistry I 4 CHE 1810 General Chemistry II 4
ENG 1010 E. Comp I 3 CHE 1850 General Chem Lab 2
  MTH 1110 College Algebra 4 MTH 1120 Trigonometry 3
  Electives/Gen Studies   ENG 1020 E. Comp II 3
      Electives/Gen Studies  
2nd Year *CHE 3000 Analytical 3 MTH 1410 Calculus I 4
*CHE 3010 Analytical Lab 2 CHE 3110 Organic II 3
CHE 3100 Organic I 4 CHE 3130 Organic II Lab 2
  CHE 3120 Organic I Lab 2 Electives/Gen Studies  
  Electives/Gen Studies      
3rd Year PHY 2010 College Physics 4 PHY 2020 Col. Physics II 4
MTH 2410 Calculus 4 MTH 2420 Calculus III 4
  CHE           Chem. Elective 3 Electives/Gen Studies  
  Electives/Gen Studies      
4th Year CHE 3250 P Chem I 4 CHE 3260 P Chem II 4
CHE 3280 P Chem I Lab 2 CHE 3290 P Chem II Lab 2
CHE           Chem. Elective   CHE           Chem. Elective  
  Electives/Gen Studies   CHE 4950 Senior Experience 3
*It is recommended that students take CHE 3000/3100 as soon as possible after completing  
CHE 1810/1850      
You should not take more than three science and/or math courses per semester. Despite  
what others may say, NEVER take a course without the proper prerequisites. There is simply  
no sense in putting yourself at an academic disadvantage in order to meet some artificial  
deadline. Remember, individuals evaluating a transcript will not be impressed by mediocre  
grades just because you managed to pass the course without the prerequisites. In the  
unlikely event the evaluator notices the discrepancy, it will probably count against you, as  
evidence of exercising poor judgment.      

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