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Advising Sheet for BA in Chemistry

Advisement Worksheet
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Chemistry and                                              Minor in Chemistry
Basic Chemistry Core for both BA and Minor   Credit hours BA Credit hours Minor
CHE 1800 General Chemistry I   4 4
CHE 1810 General Chemistry II   4 4
CHE 1850 General Chemistry Laboratory   2 2
CHE 3000 Analytical Chemistry*   3 3
CHE 3010 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory*   2 2
CHE 3100 Organic Chemistry I*   4 4
CHE 3120 Organic Chemistry I Laboratory*   2 2
CHE 3110 Organic Chemistry II*   3 3
CHE 3130 Organic Chemistry II Laboratory*   2 2
  Total   26 26
Chemistry Minor can replace Organic Chemistry II & Lab with Biochemistry & Lab.                                           Chemistry BA can take Biochem & Lab as elective credits.      
CHE 4310 Biochemistry I*     4
CHE 4350 Biochemistry I Lab*     1
Additional Required Chemistry Course (BA)      
CHE 3190 Survey of Physical Chemistry* Fall Only 4  
CHE 3200 Survey of Physical Chemistry Lab* Class 1  
  Total   5  
  Chemistry Electives for BA 6 credits   6  
The senior experience in Chemistry (CHE 4950) does not count as an elective.  Students may take any senior experience approved by the college.  It does count as an upper division credit.    
  Required Ancillary Courses for BA   Credit hours BA Credit hours Minor
MTH 1410 Calculus I   4  
PHY 2010 College Physics I   4  
  Total   8  
College Degree Requirements    
> Complete a minimum of 120 credit hours    
> Complete a minimum of 40 upper division credit hours    
>A minor is required unless student has a concentration in Criminalistics    
  Total Upper Division Hours*   27 16
  Total Hours   45 26
  Were the last 12 credits taken at MSCD?      
  What is the Academic Minor?      
  What is the Multicultural Course?      
  **The remaining Upper Division credits can be from Academic Minor.**  
  Classes with the asterics * beside them are upper division classes.  

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