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The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry offers students the tools and skills needed to excel in the wide-ranging fields of Chemistry & Biochemistry-- from graduate studies, to criminalistics, to analytical and environmental testing, and much more.  We offer bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees in chemistry, as well as offering an American Chemical Society (ACS) certified bachelor of science degree and a concentration in criminalistics.  The department also offers support courses associated with criminalistics, nursing, and nutrition, as well as general studies courses.

Mission & Goals

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department of Metropolitan State University of Denver shall offer chemistry courses of the highest quality to science and non-science majors via formal classroom instruction, laboratory exercises, directed independent study, and online instruction to provide trained chemists capable of entering local and state industries as well as teaching chemistry at the high school level in the Denver metropolitan area or in the state of Colorado.

To provide an environment conducive to learning, chemistry & biochemistry department faculty engage in a variety of professional development activities designed to keep themselves current in their field and/or expand their areas of expertise.

Chemistry & Biochemistry department faculty and staff contribute to the community via a variety of service activities and by participating in partnerships and collaborations with public schools and government organizations.

  • To enable students to develop an understanding of the fundamental principles of chemistry
  • To prepare students for graduate work in chemistry, for chemical careers in industry/ government, and for post-graduate studies in the health sciences
  • To offer a high quality concentration in Criminalistics for Chemistry majors who wish to pursue a career in Forensic Science
  • To facilitate distance learning by providing a number of courses over the internet
  • To maintain the department's approval by the American Chemical Society

American Chemical Society Approval  

The Chemistry & Biochemistry Department is certified by the American Chemistry Society (ACS).  The ACS promotes excellence in chemistry education for undergraduate students.  Our certified program offers our students a broad-based and rigorous chemistry education that provides them with the intellectual, experimental, and communication skills to participate effectively as scientific professionals. To facilitate this rigorous program, the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry maintains an energetic and accomplished faculty, a modern and well-maintained infrastructure, and a coherent chemistry curriculum that incorporates modern pedagogical approaches.

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