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Four-Year Degree Plans

Fall 2019 catalog year

Advanced Manufacturing Sciences

AMS-Aerospace Concentration

AMS-Civil Engineering Construction Concentration

AMS-Computer Information Systems Concentration

AMS-Computer Science Concentration

AMS-Electrical Engineering Technology Concentration

AMS-Industrial Design Concentration

AMS-Mechanical Engineering Technology Concentration

AMS-Operations Management Concentration


Aviation and Aerospace Science

Aerospace Ops

Air Traffic Control

Aviation & Aerospace Management

Professional Flight Officer


Construction Project Management

Computer Information Systems Concentration

Management Concentration


Criminal Justice and Criminology

Criminal Justice & Criminology



Engineering and Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering Technology - Construction Concentration

Civil Engineering Technology - Structures Concentration

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering Technology - Communications Concentration

Electrical Engineering Technology - Computer Engineering Concentration

Electrical Engineering Technology - Power and Control Systems Concentration

Environmental Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Technology - Manufacturing Concentration

Mechanical Engineering Technology - Mechanical Concentration

Sustainable Systems Engineering


Fire and Emergency Response Administration


FERA Extended Major


Hospitality, Events and Tourism

Brewery Operations

Craft Brewing and Pub Operations

Event and Meeting Management

Hotel Management

Restaurant Management

Travel and Tourism Management


Health Professions

Health Care Information Systems

Health Care Management

Health Care Professional Services

Integrative Health Care

Integrative Health Care Extended Major

Recreation Professions - Recreation Generalist Concentration

Recreation Professions - Recreation Management Concentration

Recreation Professions - Therapeutic Concentration


Human Performance and Sport

Athletic Training

Exercise Science

Sport Management


Human Services

Addiction Studies Concentration

High Risk Youth Concentration

Mental Health Counseling Concentration

Nonprofit Studies Concentration


Industrial Design

Industrial Design


Journalism and Media Production

Broadcast Journalism


Media Production and Leadership

Public Relations

Technical Writing and Editing - International Concentration

Technical Writing and Editing - Technical Writing Concentration

Video Production


Human Nutrition-Nutrition

Human Nutrition-Dietetics



Nursing Sample Curriculum Plan


Social Work

Social Work

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