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Four Year Degree Plans

Fall 2013 Catalog Year Only

Aviation and Aerospace Science

Aviation and Aerospace Management

Aviation and Aerospace Science: Aerospace Operations Concentration

Aviation and Aerospace Science: Air Traffic Collegiate Training Initiative

Aviation and Aerospace Science: Professional Flight Officer Concentration

Criminal Justice and Criminology

Criminal Justice and Criminology

Engineering Technology

Civil Engineering: Construction Concentration

Civil Engineering: Structures Concentration

Electrical Engineering: Computer Engineering Technology Concentration

Electrical Engineering: Communications Concentration

Electrical Engineering: Power and Control Systems Concentration

Mechanical Engineering: Manufacturing Concentration

Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical Concentration

Health Professions

Health Care Management

Human Nutrition-Dietetics

Integrative Therapeutic Practices

Integrative Therapeutic Practices-Extended Major

Recreation Professions: Recreation Management Concentration

Recreation Professions: Therapeutic Recreation Services Concentration

Hospitality, Tourism, and Events

Hospitality, Tourism, and Events: Event Management Concentration

Hospitality, Tourism, and Events: Hotel Management Concentration

Hospitality, Tourism, and Events: Restaurant Management Concentration

Hospitality, Tourism, and Events: Tourism Management Concentration

Human Performance and Sport

Athletic Training

Human Performance and Sport: Adult Fitness and Exercise Science Concentration

Human Performance and Sport: Sport Industry Operations Concentration

Human Services

Human Services: Addiction Studies Concentration

Human Services: Domestic Violence Counseling Concentration

Human Services: High Risk Youth Studies Concentration

Human Services: Mental Health Counseling Concentration

Human Services: Nonprofit Studies Concentration

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Journalism and Technical Communication

Journalism: Convergent Journalism Concentration

Journalism: Magazines Concentration

Journalism: Public Relations Concentration

Technical Communication: Interactive Media Production Concentration

Technical Communication: Mobile and Social Media Concentration

Technical Communication: Technical Writing & Editing Concentration

Technical Communication: Video Production Concentration


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