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Human Services and Counseling

Academic Advising Information - Spring 2021

Human Services and Counseling

West Classroom 236   
Main Phone: 303-615-0700

Virtual appointments are available

For general information, please visit our website at

Undergraduate Program

General Studies, Registration            Monica Simpson

Registration                                        Jessica Diangikes  

Departmental/Major Advising           Angela Furney       

Field Placement                                 Angela Furney       

FERA Program                                   Dr. Brian Bagwell  


Graduate Program

Graduate Advising                             Annie Butler           

Addiction Master’s Program              Jessica Diangikes  


Concentrations/Career Planning Questions

Addiction Studies                       Dr. Tricia Hudson-Matthew

                                                           Patrick Griswold   

High Risk Youth Studies                    Annie Butler          

Mental Health Counseling                 Dr. Shawn Worthy 

Nonprofit Studies                              Annie Butler          

Paramedic                                          Dr. Brian Bagwell  

Trauma Studies                                  Dr. Tara Hammar 



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