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The entire Equity Peer Leader Team understands that everyone has been going through multiple adjustments in 2020. We may be practicing physical distancing but the EPL Team is committed to engaging with our MSU Denver community socially.  Please check out our Instagram account, @equitypeerleaders, and stay connected!


If you have any topics you would like us to cover, email your suggestions to and we will see what we can do!  


Spring 2020: Embodying Equity

EMBODYING EQUITY: Weekly practices to decolonize our campus activism and create a more equitable campus experience

For the spring 2020 semester, the Equity Peer Leader (EPL) Program will be focus our programming on decolonizing campus activism.  Each month (February, March and April), the EPLs will craft a space for folks to come together to embody equity.  The three phases of this work are connection and community as activism, liberating our voices, and activating.  Each month we will hold weekly EPL space to achieve this goal.  


This is a space to imagine and practice a future where everyone can thrive and will unapologetically center the truths of marginalized voices.  


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What is the Equity Peer Leader (EPL) program all about?

Program Overview

MSU Denver is the most racially diverse institution in the state of Colorado. As of fall 2018, 44.8% of MSU Denver’s population identify as students of color and 49% identify as first-generation to college. While MSU Denver is proud of our reputation of access to higher education for historically underserved populations, there continues to be a need to further inclusivity on the campus, particularly engaging our students in dialogues about equity and inclusion. This program will train student leaders to serve as educators to their student peers around concepts of identity, equity, and inclusion. The purpose of training students to engage with this work is to encourage all MSU Denver students to have productive conversations about different perspectives connected to our identities and to build humility in our understanding of these differences.  

Building our students capacity to engage around topics of equity and inclusion supports a more culturally just campus and prepares our students for productive personal and professional relationships with individuals from background that differ from their own.  Increasing our students' awareness of individuals from identities and experiences that differ from their own support greater humility and is a skill necessary for our growing diverse Colorado workforce.

Student Learning Outcomes

Equity Peer Leader Outcomes

  • Equity Peer Leaders will learn about their own identity and how identity relates to power and privilege 
  • Equity Peer Leaders will further develop their own knowledge around concepts of equity and inclusion  
  • Equity Peer Leaders will gain skills to facilitate conversations and trainings with student peers about equity and inclusion topics 
  • Equity Peer Leaders will learn how to serve as a leader to peers and as a representative of their campus 

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