MSU Denver

This expanding list of programs will be prioritized by leadership to address participants’ needs.

  • Paid Student Internships – Offering students the opportunity to work in either the public or not-for-profit sectors.  There will be an ongoing evaluation process for each cohort as well as on-going engagement with the center for public service moving forward (bi-annual distinguished speakers, an annual social event, regular communications and networking opportunities. Over the next five years, grow the program to 50 students each semester.
  • Student Advisory Council – To be created by the end of 2021.  Its purpose will be to inform the direction, and programs of the center for public service and its board.  Further it will create a formal channel to bring in the voices of students we want to attract into public service.
  • Civics Education – The Center will work on strengthening civics education in schools throughout the state through legislation, tool kits for teachers, sample curriculum, and more rigorous academic standards. Engage the coalition in supporting legislation and other means for improving civic education in Colorado and the country.
  • MSU Denver in D.C./ Federal internships – Internship program in congressional offices, various departments of government, and major national nonprofits (which may or may not be located in D.C.).
  • Distinguished Visitors Program – Drawing on the Hart “family,” the center for public service advisory council and honorary board and their networks, the center for public service will bring distinguished visitors to the MSU Denver campus to speak and network with students, faculty and the community.
  • Institute for Future Leaders in Public Service – MSU Denver faculty and Hart “family” conduct an annual institute for one week during the summer, offering a condensed opportunity to learn “on the ground” skills and techniques.
  • Major/Minor in Public Service
  • Recognition Events – annual center for public service award for excellence in public service, annual center for public service award for the faculty member contributing the most to excellence in public service, annual center for public service award for student leadership in public service.
  • Faculty Acknowledgement