MSU Denver

Host Employers

The center for public service will pay students to intern 10-15 hours a week at $15 an hour. Organizations interested in hosting an intern can send an email to John Masserini, [email protected], and include the following information:

  • The timeframe you would want to utilize an intern [e.g. Fall 2022 semester].
  • A job description for any opportunities you might have for an intern – including any academic areas of study or specific skills that would benefit your organization and the intern.
  • The number of interns you could host.
  • Your organization’s preference in interviewing and selecting interns versus the center for public service conducting interviews and providing candidate information to select from.
  • Contact information for your organization’s representative for internship.
  • A web site address for your organization (if applicable)

Center for Public Service Support for Host Employers

Effective supervision, feedback, and mentoring throughout the entire internship provide a more satisfactory experience for both the student and host organization. Feedback should begin the first week of internship. The following areas should be considered:

  • Is additional training required for the intern?
  • Are expectations being met?
  • What is working and what needs correction?
  • Assignment of a mentor (if needed).

Throughout the internship (and beyond as warranted), the center for public service program manager will be available to work with host organization representatives to resolve any issues or address concerns. Any questions can be referred to John Masserini [email protected].