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Rocky Mountain Invitational 2

Are your students prepared for the unique challenges of virtual selling?

Metropolitan State University of Denver hosted the second Rocky Mountain Invitational on October 19-23, 2020. RMI was a national sales event that followed a bracket-style competition similar to the NCAA’s March Madness. Thirty-two students representing the following universities competed: Appalachian State University, Arkansas State University, Baylor University, Colorado State University, University of Denver, Florida State University, University of New Mexico, University of North Alabama, Utah State University, Western Colorado University, and MSU Denver.

Students competed in a variety of categories, including interviews, LinkedIn profiles, and role plays. 

MSU Denver thanks sponsors E.W. ScrippsMutual of Omaha, and HomeAdvisor for providing resources to make the competition possible.

Congratulations to our winners!

Role Play Champions:

1st Place: Nicole Mirich, MSU Denver

2nd Place: Kyle Huber, Colorado State University

3rd Place: Kyle Downey, Western Colorado University

4th Place: Natalie Chowning, University of North Alabama 

Interview Champions: 

Paige McClelland, Baylor University

Brennan Kossin, Utah State University

Matthew Moscati, University of Denver

Haley O'Connor, Baylor University

Kyle Downey, Western Colorado University

LinkedIn Champions: 

Rebeka Shols, Baylor University

Isabella Riffe, Florida State University

Victoria Whitworth, Baylor University

Paige McClelland, Baylor University

Carter Burns, Baylor University

Abby Haan, Baylor University

Haley O'Connor, Baylor University

Cody Berry, University of North Alabama

Joshua Palermo, Baylor University

Haley Sims, Appalachian State University

Please contact April Schofield with questions. 



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