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Rocky Mountain Invitational 2

Are your students prepared for the unique challenges of virtual selling?

MSU Denver is hosting the second annual Rocky Mountain Invitational Competition October 20-23, 2020. RMI 2 is a virtual sales competition that does not require travel. Students will participate in interviews and sales calls with business professionals. 

Awards include:
1st place - $1,500
2nd place - $1,000
3rd place - $500
4th place - $250
Additional awards for best interview and LinkedIn profile

Thank you to our sponsors E.W. ScrippsMutual of Omaha, and HomeAdvisor


RMI 2 Coach & Student Handbook

Scripps Case - Fall 2020

Product Guide - Fall 2020

Round 1 Rubric - Fall 2020

Round 2 Rubric - Fall 2020

Round 3 Rubric - Fall 2020

Round 4 Rubric - Fall 2020

Round 5 Rubric - Fall 2020

Please contact April Schofield with questions. 


Congratulations to the winners of the inaugural Rocky Mountain Invitational:
1st Place: Josh Strickland, Western Colorado University
2nd Place: Travis Grimsley, MSU Denver
3rd Place: Alyssa Villarreal, Utah State University
4th Place: Sam Nudd, Western Colorado University


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