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CAVEA Supports Students

Photo of students presentations in CAVEA Theater

CAVEA is committed to MSU Denver's top three priorities: students, students, students.




Featured Profile: Olivia Czarnecki

2020 Spring Semester

Project: Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Graduated: 2020 Fall Semester

2020.02.26 Arc Of Justice Screening - Olivia Czarnecki Presenting


"The Affordable Housing Panel Discussion and Arc of Justice Screening was one of the biggest moments of growth I’ve had in the course of my internship. I am so grateful for the role that you and the rest of the fabulous CAVEA staff had in that experience.”

When I was tasked with hosting a film screening and panel discussion as part of my internship with Elevation Community Land Trust, I knew that the CAVEA would be the best place for the event. Everything about the space- right down to the shape of the room- creates an intimately immersive experience for both audience and presenter, inspiring deep learning and conversation that cannot be replicated elsewhere. From careful attention to detail in planning to seamless and creative technological integrations, the CAVEA staff was invaluable from start to finish. Their gentle coaching and genuine interest in the subject of my event made what could have been a very intimidating assignment into one of the most crucial and rewarding learning experiences of my time with ECLT. Hosting an event with CAVEA was undoubtedly a highlight of my undergraduate career.


Featured Profile: Dominic Baca

2016 Fall Semester

Project: ArcGIS Story Mapping

Graduated: 2019 Spring Semester


"I want to express my deep gratitude for the CAVEA team in making my first internship experience significant and memorable."

Dominic Baca joined CAVEA in a Fall 2016 internship collaboration between CAVEA and the Journey Through Our Heritage program. He began as a novice GIS student under the mentorship of Chelsie Worth and completed two story maps using ArcGIS online software to highlight the Corn Mothers from the San Luis Valley of Colorado and the Dakota Access Pipeline. His time in CAVEA forged new relationships, memorable experiences, and new skills in data visualization, all of which added to the thrill of witnessing Dominic's ongoing achievements, presented at the Fall 2018 Honors Thesis Symposium.


Zachary Stazick

2017 Fall Semester

Project: GIS Drone Data for Plaza Design Charrette


Tyler Eversaul

2016 Spring Semester

Project: GIS Internship


Jon Pomeroy

2016 Spring Semester

Project: GIS Campus Model



Faye Olsgard

Student Research: 2015 Spring Semester

Project: Regla Skull Forensic Reconstruction

Graduated: 2019 Spring Semester

Photo of Faye Olsgard MA Art in Science 7002MAAS 2020 & Digital Capture and Visualization of Ancient Human Crania for archeological interpretation


Faye is devoted to a specialized field of archeology that combines the disciplines of art and science research to produce forensic facial reconstruction, using non-destructive image and visualization tools and promoting non-invasive methods of excavation. Faye graduated MSU Denver in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a minor in Art History, giving her a concise educational foundation and an ongoing inspiration to seek out unconventional research methods and new visualization solutions. Through CAVEA, Faye found a consistent source of enthusiasm and support, as well as rich collaborative opportunities in an international arena, allowing for her research in 3D digital technology to conserve and re-construct skeletal artifacts and provide archeological data for the Museo Nacional de Costa Rica. Faye is currently pursuing her MA Art In Science degree at Liverpool College of Art in the UK, where she focuses on digital interpretation and 3D prototyping to visually communicate complex scientific concepts. Learn more about Faye's accomplishments in the CAVEA Limelight Collection.



Chelsie Worth Celebration Endowed Scholarship

Support Women in Eath Sciences Header with photo of Chelsie Worth in the background


AY19: 6 students awarded
AY20: 6 students awarded
AY21: 8 students awarded

The Chelsie Worth Celebration Scholarship is a perpetual endowed scholarship initiated by CAVEA to continue the celebration of the life of former team-member Chelsie Marie Worth, who passed away March 10, 2017. In honor of Chelsie and her love of learning, the scholarship is designed to enable women to discover their own academic and professional paths through earth sciences, where awarded students can receive $1000 toward their education.

Chelsie was a passionate bright light in the MSU Denver community. She was a tenacious, dedicated and essential staff member in CAVEA, and she was a graduate of the University. She began her studies at MSU Denver in the music department in 2005, completed her studies with a focus on earth sciences and GIS, and was committed to science and to information visualization. In addition, she was a brilliant cello player.

Soon after Chelsie’s passing, a successful fundraising campaign was launched by CAVEA in March 2017, where fundraisers gathered donations to celebrate Chelsie’s life rather than memorialize her passing. Generous contributions from family, friends and colleagues met with matching funds to endow the fund the following year. Student awards began fall 2019. One annual $1,000 scholarship is permanently endowed. The scholarship has awarded 20 Earth and Atmospheric Sciences scholars in the fund’s first three years as a result of additional annual fundraising and our generous donors.

If you would like to contribute in Chelsie’s memory, more information about the scholarship can be found here.



Featured Profile: Lily Hailmariam

Student Employment: 2020 Spring Semester - Present

Graduated: Anticipated Spring 2021

CAVEA Student Employee: Lily Hailmariam


Inspired by her passion for creating beauty, Lily has an enthusiasm for planning and producing events that yield effective and rewarding outcomes. As a full-time student at MSU Denver, she is majoring in Event and Meeting Management with a minor in Non-profit Studies, including a second minor in Sustainability. In her fervor, Lily works on the side as an Event and Wedding Planner, bringing over ten years of experience in decoration and design. She is also a founder of a non-profit organization that aims to help children with Down syndrome in Ethiopia. Lily loves spending her free time with her family, whether watching movies, eating out, or cheering on her son at basketball games.


Featured Profile: Lakpa Sherpa

Student Employment: 2020 Spring Semester

Graduated: 2020 Spring Semester

CAVEA Student Employee: Lakpa Sherpa


In celebration of Spring 2020 graduates, CAVEA congratulates Lakpa Sherpa, former CAVEA Student Employee! Lakpa is a visual storyteller and an aspiring filmmaker. His early work with photography as a Cybersecurity student at MSU Denver led to occasional experimental videos which kindled a new passion. Motivated and determined, he sharpened his focus and fueled his inspiration, earning a bachelor’s degree in Video Production with a minor in Digital Media. Lakpa, thank you for serving as CAVEA’s Digital Content Assistant, we wish you all the best and are excited for your road ahead.


Featured Profile: Luan Tran

Student Employment: 2017 Fall Semester - 2019 Fall Semester

Graduated: 2019 Fall Semester; Hired into Staff Position

CAVEA Student Employee: Luan Tran


Luan has served a critical role as CAVEA's dedicated Events Specialist and an alumnus at MSU Denver who graduated with a bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS), with a concentration in Business Analytics. He has developed his skills in statistics and communication by working for multiple teams within the Administration Branch, including Business Intelligence, Institutional Research, and Process Transformation. His steadfast service to CAVEA has catalyzed his excitement for the Hospitality and Events Industry, a natural complement to his background in multicultural customer service in Asia, Europe, and now America. In his free time, Luan enjoys exploring the artistry of video game graphics, drawing and martial arts.


Hunter Ambrosio

Student Employment: 2017 Spring Semester



Jon Pomeroy

Student Employment: 2016 Summer Semester



Doran Handman

Student Employment: 2015 Spring Semester - 2016 Spring Semester



Juana Marmolejo

Student Employment: 2016 Spring Semester



James Gannon

Student Employment: 2015 Fall Semester





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