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For the 2016 Distinguished Professorship, the Castro Planning Committee worked to develop a site dedicated to curriculum focused on the theme, Nuestro Destinos: (Re)Claiming Space, Identity, Power.

While 2016's event is long over, the curriculum still stands and is meant to be utilized by academics of various disciplines. The focus is on race/ethnicity in the United States specific to Chican@ identities and experiences. The following themes are explored within the provided curriculum:

  • Race/Ethnicity and Latin@s in the U.S.
  • Gentrification and its impact on Latin@ communities in the U.S.
  • Colonialism and its influence on identity
  • The social construction of race/ethnicity specific to Latin@s
  • The gendered/sexed aspect of colonial rule over Latin@s
  • Citizenship and the Latin@ trajectory in the U.S.

Please visit our curriculum site by clicking on the button below!

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