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Authorized Payer

Students can grant access for third parties (family members or other trusted parties) to view their financial information or make payments online. To grant access, students must create an "Authorized Payer" account.

To create an “Authorized Payer” account:

  • Log into StudentHub
  • Click “Pay Tuition”
  • On left-hand side, click “My Account”
  • Under “Payers” select “Send a payer invitation”
  • Complete required information (an email invitation will be sent to the payer)

University staff cannot create, edit, or reset "Authorized Payer" accounts on behalf of the student.

Please Note:  "Authorized Payer" accounts grant access to student financial information online.  It does not provided information related to grades, GPA, etc.  To grant access to this additonal information please see Family Educational Right and Privacy Act.  

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