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Learning Assistant Program at MSU Denver

Learning Assistant Program

The Learning Assistant Program at MSU Denver was launched in the Fall of 2015. 

Research suggests that implementing the Learning Assistant Program in gatekeeping STEM courses increases the student and Learning Assistant's understanding of course materials, and has helped to mitigate the gatekeeping effect in STEM classes.  The preliminary results from this program have been increased retention rates and improved scores on common final exams.

Learning Assistants are undergraduate students employed to facilitate active classroom engagement.  The Learning Assistant students are required their first semester of engagement to attend a weekly pedagogy course. This course is designed to assist them in successfully working with the Professor on strategies for engaging and educating the students. 

If you would like to work as a Learning Assistant contact Dr. Brooke Evans at or submit an application through the Learning Assistant Alliance website. 

Fall 2019 Learning Assistant Application

Applications for Fall 2019 placements is now open!!  

Please apply through the Learning Assistant Alliance website. 1) Go the website using the link or address below 2) Click on the Students tab 3) Then select the MSU Denver campus link 4) Complete the application

Learning Assistant Application

We will be in contact with you regarding next steps and placements. Thank you for considering being a Learning Assistant. Our students and faculty make the Learning Assistant program great!

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