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The Center for Advanced STEM Education (formerly Math, Science, and Environmental Education (CMSEE) was established by Dr. Larry S. Johnson and Dr. Joseph Raab in 1993 to serve Colorado schools by offering programs and services in math, science, and environmental studies. One of the goals of the Center is to have math and science taught in a more activity-oriented way.  Dr. Johnson, former Director of the Center, believed that students have a better chance of retaining information if they participate in an activity, rather than have a teacher just tell them the facts. The Center for Advanced STEM Education is part of the Metropolitan State University of Denver's College of Letters, Arts and Sciences.


CO-WY AMP (Colorado-Wyoming Alliance for Minority Participation) is focused on minority participation in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  The Centers focus is to provide individual peer tutoring, monetary stipends for class completion, recognition of successes, faculty mentors and assistance in future goals.  These services are provided to our members year round during the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters.

Fill out the CO-WY AMP Student Application and bring it to Lori Taylor in SI 1051 to become a member. 

Summer Science Institute

During the summer the Center offers STEM education through hands on activities to middle school students.  Our middle school program, Summer Science Institute (SSI) is for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  It gives the students an opportunity to explore fun applications of math and science in an exciting, hands-on, team-oriented atmosphere on the Auraria Campus. 


Students will study Rocket Science, Chemistry, Mathematical Sciences, Genetics, Water Environment, 3D Printing, Physics, Design Thinking, Computer Science, Meteorology and Microbiology.

For more information on the program visit Summer Science Institute.

Summer Science Scholars

Our High School program, Summer Science Scholars (SSS), is for incoming high school sophomores, juniors and seniors (10th, 11th, 12th grade).  This is a three-week full day program of learning science and science reasoning skills through a research based project.

Examples of the projects are:

  • Biodiesel Project - students converted used cooking oil into soap and lotion
  • Microbial Identification Project – identified microbes on their hands using DNA sequencing techniques

For more information on the program visit Summer Science Scholars

Women in STEM

The Planning Committee for the MSU Denver's Women in STEM conference is looking for departments interested in contributing to making this event a success.  We would love to feature your department in our program, and to involve your students as much as possible.

Additionally, we are planning on having a number of student organization tables at the conference this year.  This is a great opportunity for student to become familiar with organizations they may not have known about and for organizations to increase their memberships.



Learning Assistant Program

The program employees undergraduate students to facilitate active classroom engagement.  The undergraduate students are required to attend a weekly pedagogy course to assist them in successfully working with the Professor on strategies for engaging and educating the students. The preliminary results from this program have been increased retention rates and improved scores on common final exams.

If you would like to work as a Learning Assistant contact Brooke Evans at



A MULTI Approach to Engaging Students and Teachers in Effective STEM Education is designed to advance efforts to understand and promote practices that increase students' motivations and capacities in STEM, by purposefully combining educational methodologies through multiple avenues of professional development for pre-service and in-service educators. 

The program is supported by the National Science Foundation through an ITEST grant (NSF 1615193).

For more information or to register for workshops, trainings, and newsletters visit the MULTI page at

Metropolitan State University of Denver
Campus Box 24
PO Box 173362
Denver CO 80217-3362


Auraria Campus Science Building
Room SI 1051
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (303) 615-0293
Fax: (720)778-5703

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