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Career Opportunities with a Major in Psychology

Many jobs require a college educated individual. College graduates can use their education in a wide variety of occupations. 

A career in psychology offers many rewards including the opportunity to assist people with personal, family, social, educational, mental health, and career decisions. Psychology provides a solid background for entering fields as diverse as personnel management, addictions counseling, elementary and secondary school teaching, and criminal justice. Most of MSU Denver's Psychology majors plan careers in counseling. Psychology serves as a springboard for many psychology graduate programs at the master's and doctoral level including the fields of clinical counseling, school, industrial/organizational, health, forensic and sports psychology; educational psychology (psychological test development, school psychology). The doctoral level degrees can lead to teaching at the college and university level, as well as various positions in governmental agencies and the private sector. In addition, many students seek advanced degrees in related fields such as education, business management, law, criminal justice, nursing, social work, or public health. Duties depend on the individuals served and the work settings. The demand for well-qualified people is expected to grow as fast as the average for all occupations through 2010.

Questions about how Psychology differs from Human Services and Social Work? Check out this document: 

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MSU Denver Psychological Sciences Department Website

Skills Related to Psychology

  • Proficient in interpersonal communication
  • Ability to evaluate problems and make appropriate decisions
  • Thorough understanding of human development and behavior
  • Ability to interpret/explain psychological research
  • Sensitivity to and understanding of others
  • Ability to observe, analyze and introspect
  • Ability to analyze relationships between factors
  • Ability to use numbers


Potential Careers in Psychology

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The following list is a representative sample of job titles for individuals with a psychology major. The list represents some, but certainly not all, careers which psychology majors may consider.

Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelor's degree.

Account Executive Activity Leader Insurance Agent
Advertising Art Therapist Counselor: Career Planning
Child Psychologist Clinical Psychologist College Student Affairs Professional
Community and Social Service Worker Community Relations Director Copywriter
Counselor: Alcohol / Drug Counselor : Career Counselor : Employment
Counselor : Crisis Intervention Creative Director Criminologist
Editor EEO / AA Officer Marketing Researcher
Hospice Coordinator Hospital Administrator Staff Training and Development
Human Resource Professional Mental Health Coordinator Personnel Administrator
Police/Probation Officer Psychiatric Nurse Psychiatrist
Psychologist Psychometrist Public Relations
Recreational Therapist College Admissions Recruiter/Counselor School Psychologist
Social Worker Special Education Teacher Speech Pathologist
Teacher Youth Counselor


Employers in Psychology

  • Youth organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Clinics/Hospitals
  • Medical schools
  • Volunteer agencies
  • Churches/Religious groups
  • Mental health associations
  • Group Homes
  • Test development corporations
  • Colleges/Universities
  • Government agencies
  • Courts/Correctional institutions
  • Research firms
  • Adoption/Child care agencies
  • Educational periodicals
  • Nursing homes
  • Personnel departments
  • Social Service agencies


Web Sites Related to Psychology


Professional Organizations in this Field

The above information is collected from alumni surveys of numerous colleges, professional associations, and multiple print and online resources.


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