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Career Opportunities with a Major in Applied Geology

The applied geology major equips students with a foundation for understanding issues and solving problems that confront the community and environment. The major can be applied to such areas as planning, cartography, geographic information systems, air photo and satellite imagery interpretation, residential and industrial development, recreational land use, population analysis and environmental sciences.

MSU Denver Land Use Department Website

Skills Related to Geology

  • Ability to organize, analyze and interpret data

  • Sound decision-making abilities

  • Proficient in oral and written communications with ability to explain concepts to others

  • Knowledge of land use history, practices, and trends

  • Ability to understand and interpret maps, graphs, and charts

  • Problem solving skills

Potential Careers in Applied Geology

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The following list is a representative sample of job titles for individuals with a Land Use major. The list represents some, but certainly not all, careers which Land Use majors may consider.

Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelor's degree.

Cartographer Climatologist Demographic Specialist
Ecologist Environmental Scientist Forest Ranger
Geographer Geomorphologist GIS Specialist
Housing Developer Industrial Ecologist Intelligence Analyst
Land Use Potential Analyst Landscape Architect Map Curator
Military Scientist Mining Engineer Park Service Worker
Photointerpreter Population Analyst Remote Sensor Specialist
Resource Manager Satellite Imagery Specialist Site Location Analyst
Site Selection Expert Soil Conservationist Teacher
Terrain Analyst Transportation Planner Urban Planner
Hydrologist Hazardous Substance Engineer Safety Inspector/Compliance Officer

Employers in Geology

  • Archives

  • Colleges/Universities

  • Government Agencies

  • Manufacturing Firms

  • Libraries

  • Environmental Protection Agencies

  • Oil Companies

  • Textbook Publishers

  • Planning Agencies

  • National/State Parks

  • Research Firms

  • Bureau of Land Management

  • Map Companies

  • Travel Agencies

  • Military Branches

Web Sites Related to Geology

Professional Organizations in this Field

The above information is collected from alumni surveys of numerous colleges, professional associations, and multiple print and online resources.

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