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Career Opportunities with a Major in Finance

A career in finance concentrates on the process of managing the funds of individuals, businesses and governments. It offers many rewards: the opportunity to achieve financial success, a challenging and interesting business environment, and the satisfaction of a meaningful role in a dynamic field.

Finance encompasses a broad spectrum of positions, including real estate, corporate financial management, investments, banking, insurance, and personal financial planning. Career opportunities are available in the fields of managerial finance and the financial services industry. The field of managerial finance deals with managing the financial affairs of businesses and governments and includes such activities as budgeting, financial forecasting, cash management, credit administration, investment analysis and funds management. Careers in the financial services industry include positions in banks, savings and loans, other financial institutions, brokerage firms, insurance companies and real estate. The most dramatic increase in career opportunities is in personal finance planning, where professionals are needed to provide advice to consumers on the management of their personal financial affairs.

Skills Related to Finance

  • Ability to organize, analyze and interpret numerical and financial data

  • Sound decision-making abilities

  • Aptitude for accurate detail

  • Proficient in oral and written communications with ability to explain complex financial transactions and data to others

  • Knowledge of financial and economic history, practices, and trends

  • Knowledge of economics and accounting in addition to finance

Potential Careers Related to Finance

The following list is a representative sample of job titles for individuals with a finance major. The list represents some, but certainly not all, careers which finance majors may consider.

Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelor's degree.

Actuary Appraiser Audit Manager
Bank Manager Bank Representative Bookkeeper
Branch Manager Budget Analyst Business Credit / Loan Administrator
Business Manager Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer
Claims Adjuster / Examiner Commodities Trader Consumer Credit / Loan Officer
Controller Cost Estimator CPA
Credit Counselor Credit Manager Economist
Estimator External Auditor Financial Manager
Financial Analyst Financial Consultant Financial Services Sales Agent
Financial Planner Foreign Exchange Trader Industrial / Institutional Buyer
Insurance Agent / Broker International Trade Specialist Investment Banker
Investment Researcher Invester Relations Loan Processor
Management Accountant Market Research Analyst Mergers / Acquisitions Manager
Mutual Fund Manager Mutual Fund Trader Payroll Administrator
Portfolio Analyst Property Manager Purchasing Manager
Real Estate Agent Sales Analyst Securities Sales Agent
Securities Broker Stockbroker Treasury Management Specialist

Employers in Finance

  • Advertising Firms

  • Airlines

  • Banks

  • Colleges/Universities

  • Computer companies

  • Engineering firms

  • Government agencies

  • Hospitals

  • Insurance companies

  • Investment firms

  • Manufacturing firms

  • Private industries

  • Professional journals

  • Research firms

  • State/Local grant agencies

  • Utility companies

Professional Organizations in the Field

Websites Related to Finance


The above information is collected from alumni surveys of numerous colleges, professional associations, and multiple print and online resources.


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