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Career Opportunities with a Major in Electrical Engineering Technology

Electrical Engineering Technology graduates are taught a balance of theory and application, with a goal of placing graduates into the electrical and electronics industry. The sound theoretical grounding has enabled many graduates to obtain advanced degrees. The practical curriculum makes the transition to industrial employment very smooth. Graduates are employed in a variety of positions including research and development, design, manufacturing, programming, management, sales, service and support.

The Electrical Engineering Technology curriculum gives a solid theoretical foundation in science, mathematics, and electric circuits and devices. The student may specialize in the following areas of emphasis: computers, communications (including satellite, fiber optics, microwave and laser), control systems (including robotics), integrated circuit technology (including analog, fabrication and hardware description language) and power (including solar energy).

Skills Related to Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Ability to understand and apply scientific theories and principles

  • Eye - hand coordination

  • Aptitude for precise, accurate detail

  • Aptitude for working with electricity and mechanics

  • Proficiency in mathematics and physical sciences

  • Ability to read and write articulately and analytically

  • Ability to work well under pressure

  • Ability to organize, analyze, and interpret scientific data

  • Ability to work well with others

  • Ability to make appropriate decisions and solve problems

  • Proficient in spatial perception and abstract reasoning

  • Sensitive to economic conditions and human needs

  • Strong oral and written communications

  • Ability to follow systematic procedures

  • Ability to apply physical principles to the solution of problems

  • Logic and reasoning skills

  • Ability to use technical equipment

  • Ability to change tasks often with ease and efficiency

  • Good spatial perception and an ability to visualize how parts fit together to form a whole

  • Knowledge of engineering and design

  • Analog skills

  • Ability to express your ideas clearly, to listen actively to others and to assimilate yourself into new surroundings quickly

  • Ability to keep precise, accurate records

Potential Careers Related to Electrical Engineering Technology

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The following list is a representative sample of job titles for individuals with an Electrical Engineering Technology major. The list represents some, but certainly not all, careers which Electrical Engineering Technology majors may consider.

Some of these jobs also require education beyond a bachelor's degree.

Aeronautical Engineer Aerospace Engineer Aircraft Electronics Technician
Automated Equipment Technician Broadcast Technician Circuit Engineer
Communications Systems Engineer Computer Hardware Engineer Computer Technician
Consulting Engineer Control Engineer Decontamination Technician
Design Engineer Development Engineer Electrical Appliance Repairer
Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineering Technician Electronic Systems Tester
Electronics Instructor Environmental Engineer Field Service Engineer
Illumination Engineer Industrial Engineer Instrument Engineer
Instrumentation Technician Operations Engineer Photo-Optics Technician
Project Engineer Public Works Technician Purchasing Agent
Quality Control Engineer Radar Engineer Radar Technician
Research Engineer Safety Engineer Sales Engineer
Systems Design Engineer Technical Writer Test Engineer

Employers in Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Aeronautics Agencies

  • Aerospace Industries

  • Automotive Companies

  • Colleges/Universities

  • Computer Companies

  • Consulting Firms

  • Construction Firms

  • Design Firms

  • Electrical Industries

  • Energy Firms

  • Government Agencies

  • Machinery Plants

  • Manufacturing Industries

  • Mining Industries

  • Research and Development Firms

  • Sales Industries

  • State Departments of Transportation

  • Transportation Industries

  • Utility Companies

Professional Organizations in This Field

Websites Related to Electrical Engineering Technology


The above information is collected from alumni surveys of numerous colleges, professional associations, and multiple print and online resources.

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