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Resumes, Cover Letters, and Interviewing

Job Search Elements


You’re not just looking for a job, you’re looking for a great job that builds on the interests you’ve explored, the experience and skills you’ve gained and the education you’ve earned. 

Key elements of a successful job search include:


Cover Letters 


Thank you letters 

Resumes and Cover Letters


The resume showcases your accomplishments and skills as well as your education.  A good resume and cover letter gets you in the door for an interview. 

  • Pick up our Quick Tips on Resumes handout from the Classroom to Career Hub, Admin 270.
  • Create your resume, then upload it into VMock for a quick, initial review. 
  • Have your resume reviewed during Career Lab hours or call 303-615-1133 or stop by AD 270, to set up an appointment with the Classroom to Career Hub.
  • Post your resume on MSU Denver Career Link  for quick application to jobs online. Alumni can login here.

Sample Resumes

Business Resumes

Art and Social Science Resumes

STEM Resumes

Federal and Military Resumes

Other Resume Resources

        VMock Provides a quick review of your resume and access to resume coaching. Log in using your MSU Denver email and password.  

Live Careers: Resumes and cover letters

MSU Denver Job Search Resources

Contact Classroom to Career Hub for more assistance with resumes and job search.

Cover Letters 

Each cover letter needs to address the needs of that specific employer.

  • Start by reviewing the Quick Tips on Cover letters from the Classroom to Career Hub.
  • Have your resume reviewed during Career Lab hours, call 303-615-1133 or stop by AD 270, to set up an appointment. 

Cover Letter Resources

200 Letters for Job Hunters

JobStar Cover Letters

MSU Denver Classroom to Career Hub on Researching Employers

Interviewing & Thank You Letters



Professional interviewing requires practice.  Employers expect you to discuss your skills and experience as they relate to the job.  There are several options for interview practice to help you do your best. 


Ever had a "Mock Interview"?

We can set up a chance for you to practice interviewing for jobs with a peer career advisor or career counselor. Depending on the kinds of jobs or internships you are interviewing for, we can ask interview questions likely to be asked during your actual interview. We can also conduct mock interviews for applications to graduate school and similar opportunities. Ask us if you would like to have the interview recorded on video for your future use. You can schedule a mock interview at the Office of Career Services by contacting us at our our main number (303-615-1011).

 Interviewing Resources

Interviewing Tips

Dress for a Successful Interview

Dress for an Interview

Interview clothing resources

MSU Denver Job Search Resources


Thank you letters

In a competitive job market a well-written thank you letter is more important than ever.  Employers now expect a letter that is focused on your interest in the organization and how you fit the job. 

  • Start with the Thank You Letter Quick Tips in the Office of Career Services.
  • Have your letter reviewed during walk-in hours, call 303-615-1011 or stop by Tivoli 215 to set up an appointment at the Office of Career Services. 

Advice from Monster on Thank you letters

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