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Intern Success Stories - Aviation

The aviation community is a tight knit network of people who love to fly.  Aviation internships help students become part of that network. 

“I was fortunate to complete an airline internship when I was a student,” says Jeannie Davison, the flight operations auditor at Frontier Airlines.  She now supervises interns.   She has seen former interns join Frontier permanently and “looks forward to others returning to Frontier as they complete their education.” 

The Aerospace Science Department at MSU Denver has partnered with close to 200 airlines, airports, aviation consulting firms and government agencies in Denver and over 900 students have benefited. 

Frontier Airlines began taking interns in 1995, just one year after their rebirth.  Since then they train an intern or two almost every term.  Captain Douglas Diehl, Director of Flight Operations Safety at Frontier, mentors interns and supports the program enthusiastically.  “MSU Denver students have earned a reputation for eagerness to learn and for producing quality work.”

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