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Student Evaluation Form

Student Evaluation Form

The student evaluation form is required at the end of your internship:

An important part of an internship is reflecting on the experience. This evaluation will help you to do that. The evaluation will be shared with your faculty supervisor if you are getting academic credit.


Please think carefully about what you have done and learned in your internship. Required fields are noted with an asterisk (*). You will not be able to complete the process until all required fields are completed. If you have any questions, please contact 303-556-3290.


Your Name*:
Your 900#*:
Your E-mail address*:
Your Phone Number*:
Your Internship Major*:
Evaluation Period: Fall Semester 2011
If you are getting academic credit, who is your Faculty Supervisor:

Listed below are several qualities and skills which have been found to be important in assessing your ability to succeed in an internship.  Please indicate how you feel your behavior is best reflected in your internship on a scale from Needs Improvement to Extremely Proficient.

Interpersonal Relations*:

Ability to Work Independently*:
Ability to Make Decisions*:
Organizational Skills*:
Enthusiasm and Positive Outlook*:
Ability to Accept Directions*:

Communication Skills*:
Resourcefulness in Seeking Information*:

*Briefly list those tasks which occupied most of your time.
*Do you feel you have met your learning objectives set for this internship? Yes No
*Please explain which ones were most and least successfully met.
*Has your internship work experience utilized knowledge and / or skills gained from your Metro State academic studies? Yes No
If yes, please explain.
*How has this internship modified or reinforced your future plans, regarding course work, choice of major or career choice.

Please rate your internship with reference to the following:

Orientation to the position*:
Supervision / Feedback*:
Training received*:

Work evironment*:
Opportunity to build skills*:
*Would you recommend this placement to another student? Yes No
*Why or why not?
*Did you receive academic credit for this internship placement? Yes No
*Please explain any benefits you have derived from placement through The Internship Center.

If you would like a copy of this form for your records, please print the page using the button below. Thank You!

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