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What is a Resume?

A resume is a summary of who you are, presented in a way that will make an employer want to meet you and find out more. There are pieces of information that are expected in a resume, and it is your job to provide that information in a format that the employer finds easy to read.

Three Vital Points to Remember:

  • The function of a resume is to get you the interview. A resume will not GET you a job, but it can PREVENT you from getting an interview.
  • Present your information so it is quick and easy to read. Employers typically scan a resume in less than a minute. If they see what they need, they will then go back and actually read the resume.
  • No errors! This resume represents you to the employer, and errors indicate sloppiness and lack of attention to detail.

Writing Assistance:

Need help writing a cover letter and resume to secure an internship? The Writing Center can help you at any stage, from brainstorming content to organizing to fine tuning word choices. Visit the Writing Center’s website at

Please bring a draft resume to your orientation. 

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