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Internship Preparation Class - Finding an Internship

CPD 2380

This is a 1 unit internship preparatory course for students seeking an internship. Students will research potential internships sites and develop a plan for finding an internship. They will write a resume and cover letter and develop interviewing and networking skills. Students will develop goals and learning objectives for their internship and will learn skills to make the most of their internship experience.

This is a 1-credit class that meets on 2 consecutive Saturdays. Check the schedule for the dates and CRN number for each term.  Attendance on both full days of class is MANDATORY.  

Detailed outline of course content

 Determining Internship Goals

  1. Career assessment
  2. Goal identification

 Finding an Internship Site

  1. Research the industry
  2. Research possible employers
  3. Orientation to TIP Online (The Internship Program’s database)
  4. Identifying your network
  5. Explore other web resources for internships  - Linked In

 Getting the Internship 

       Presenting yourself in writing

    1. Create a resume
    2. Create a cover letter
    3. Create a bio
    4. Use Optimal Resume Software

      Presenting yourself verbally

1.  Dress for the interview
2.  The 30 second elevator speech
3.  Mock interview

Presenting yourself online

       1.  Your online image
2.  Portfolios
3.  Online applications and resumes

Having a Good Internship Experience

  1. Writing learning objectives
  2. Negotiating with your supervisor for appropriate opportunities
  3. Common pitfalls – how to manage your experience
  4. Workplace conflict resolution

*Note:  Policies relating to internships vary by department. If your department has a required pre-internship or pre-practicum class, this class is not a replacement.  Check with your department or the Applied Learning Center at 303 615-1333 if you are not sure. 


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