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International Internships

An internship abroad can be an outstanding educational experience.  The Office of International Studies has resources for students seeking international internships.  Please visit them at the Office of International Studies.

Credit for International Internships

The first stop for any international study or work experience is the Office of International Studies.  After meeting with them, you will find that there are two scenarios for academic credit for international internships:

Transfer Credit - If you are enrolled with another academic institution that is giving you credit for the internship you will transfer it back to MSU Denver as transfer credit.  You will work with the Office of International Studies and the Registrar's Office to do this.

Metropolitan State University of Denver Credit - If you are not enrolled with another institution and want to be enrolled at MSU Denver for the internship experience, you will work with a coordinator at the Internship Program of the Applied Learning Center and complete the process just like a domestic internship.  Call 303 615-1333 or visit our How To Get Started page.


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